motorised curtains

The Advantages of Installing Motorised Curtains

Motorised Curtains
Motorised Curtains

Through the implementation of devices such as smart locks, smart bulbs and even smart plugs, home automation, convenience and efficiency are reaching higher levels than ever before. One option that often gets overlooked by homeowners wishing to implement a smart home setup is motorised curtains.

Smart curtains are a great way to automate the amount of light in your home as well as add another layer of security. This article will go over these as well as other advantages of installing motorised curtains.

Curtains Operate Smoothly

While a relatively small benefit in the grand scheme of things, the installation of motorised curtains will ensure smooth opening and closing that looks and feels luxurious. This means no more bunching of curtains when opening or closing them, helping to increase the overall lifespan of your curtains.

Due to their design, motorised curtains and blinds always hang evenly. This gives the room a sophisticated and luxurious feel on top of the added convenience.

Energy Conservation

With the rising costs of energy as well as other goods and resources, you wouldn’t be blamed for seeking alternative ways you could save on your household bills. Most motorised curtains can be integrated into your smart home setup, effectively allowing you to schedule when your curtains open and close.

Automating the amount of light that enters a room means you won’t unnecessarily switch on artificial lighting in your house that consumes power. While this might seem like a relatively minor benefit, the savings on your energy bills and overall energy conservation really do add up over time.

To take things a step further, you could even sync your motorised curtains with your home’s thermostat. This means your curtains would open and close depending on the temperature, further reducing the energy usage of appliances such as air conditioners and heaters.


The biggest advantage of installing motorised curtains is by far the superior convenience they afford. While having to draw or open your curtains after you’ve already comfortably situated yourself on your couch or bed is a frustrating inconvenience, this burden is compounded when you need to open or shut your curtains when you’re away from your home entirely.

The ability to automate your curtains and blinds and control them remotely effectively eliminates this problem permanently. This is the type of smart home upgrade that not only pays dividends while you’re occupying your home, but adds value to the property if and when you choose to sell it.

Added Security

One of the underrepresented benefits of motorised curtains is the added security they can provide for your home when implemented alongside other smart security devices such as smart locks and cameras. If you’re away from your home for an extended period of time, you ideally want to maintain the illusion that the building is occupied even when it’s actually sitting empty. You can easily set schedules for your curtains and blinds to open and close during the day and night. This effectively mimics the behaviour your curtains would exhibit when being handled physically by someone living in the home, giving the impression that the house is being occupied.