The top problems that you may face if you take up DIY outdoor sails project

All of us enjoy the warm and pleasant rays of the sun on a bright morning, but as the afternoon approaches and the sunrays become stronger, we need to save ourselves from the sun. You can always consult the right shade sail manufacturer who will give you the best value for money. Along with that, you can also choose to customize the designs, texture and size.

The outdoor sails are widely used to block sun rays in various outdoor locations. The outdoor sails prevent the harmful ultraviolet rays from reaching us, reducing the strong chances of skin disorders and even skin cancer.

 An outdoor sail is usually supported by posts that are essentially small construction projects. The sites where outdoor sails are to be installed require many site visits, and accurate and secure measurements are taken throughout the project. Now, many corporate companies are also opting for printed shade sails with their own logo, that can be part of a marketing strategy and also give the much-needed revenue.

The pitfalls that needs to be avoided while taking up outdoor sails installation

Here are a few important pointers you should consider if you opt to measure & install them all by yourself. There can be several pitfalls that need to be avoided if outdoor sails are to be installed by DIY approach.

Before you purchase an outdoor shade sail, you should necessarily measure the shade area firstly & then identify all the possible and convenient fixing points.

The outdoor sails that are properly tensioned have concave or curved edges, and the depth of these curves is near about 10% in as compared to the outer of that particular sail. You should necessarily keep this in mind that while you opt to measure this particular curvature & usage of the fixings, the outdoor sail covers a smaller area.

Sails on a level plane can hold water. It would help to consider the material’s slope for shedding water. The very common solution to this is choosing opposite corners at considerably different heights. They are also great for backyard, for pool parties during summer, for outdoor bbq and also for carport and sandbox.

If the taut is not pulled, then the twisted sails can become unstable on windy days. So, this must necessarily be tensioned to allow some level of curvature and can be well-twisted into a shape of a hypar.

The sails that are manufactured with poor chain stitching or single line can come undone when they are under stress or tension. Several of them can lead to splitting the outdoor sail under high tension.

The corner rings that are not prepared out of galvanized steel can discolor or rust the material surrounding them.

After all the dimensions of the outdoor sails are finalized, the area of the outdoor sailcloth is to be decided, and the total number of fixing devices are to be decided for pulling the sail into the right tension. You can buy from cotton, polyester camping sail cloths, and high-density ones that provide maximum outdoor comfort.


This also should be taken into consideration that all the outdoor sails are not usually the same. You should always choose the outdoor sails that offer up to 95% of UV protection from the heavy sun rays. Also, the outdoor blinds that are interlocked with the process of twin lock stitching should be chosen. All the corners of the outdoor sails should necessarily be larger than twenty-five square meters, as this reinforces the outdoor sail installation.  Choosing the best-quality outdoor sails and opting for proper installation will provide you with the right value.