It is very easy to find moving enterprises in Dubai because hundreds of businesses have an option. In Dubai, the temporary nature of life means that individuals and families often visit the city for short or long stays, particularly at work and in the company.

Statistics indicate that Dubai residents transfer more often, more than once in every three years. Movers in Dubai have, therefore, quickly realised the value of this service and the available companies are not lacking.


The residents are moving to new apartments and societies, like the Central Park City Walk have almost been sold out, so if you are willing to move there then make your bookings quick.


Moving isn’t as easy as you would think; there are so many tiny details that your day-to-day routine can be stressful and disruptive. Experienced and trustworthy moving companies can exert pressure in planning the move; all formalities with minimal interruption in their daily life can be completed with them.


Most companies will provide the complete range of services including packing, transport, heavy-duty equipment and unpacking and arrangement at a new venue. Many new transport companies are now equipped with state-of-the-art computer systems to track the flow and progress of all deliveries, enabling and reassuring customer processes.


Here are some things that you must consider before relocating yourself in the city.


  • A representative of the company should visit your house or office at no cost to perform a visual assessment of the property once or more when appropriate. This is important to ensure a fair quote and also to ensure good ties between the customer and the company representative.
  • The consistency of the packaging materials used is important for a smooth transfer. New heavy products boxes and packing materials would be employed by a good company specifically designed for packaging equipment. Packing materials are unique for delicate household objects for computers and electronic devices. Some special and irregular shaped items require unique packaging boxes and materials.
  • Choose a business with enough experience in your travelling. Some businesses are experienced in commercial premises transport, others have more expertise in households packaging and moving. Select a company with several years of experience in transporting household goods if you’re looking to move your homes.


  • Pay attention to the detailed transfer insurance provided by the packaging firm. This informs the company that it is responsible for missing or defective goods and that it takes special care when packaging and unpacking the items. Although there is not a set rule, relocation companies that are licenced usually have some quality requirements and are therefore more effective, although they are more costly. Some existing companies in Dubai are ISO certified, an international quality management system which maintains strict quality standards and best practises for its members.
  • Sure different pricing choices are available for different transfers for relocation companies. If the move is paid hourly, a small task could be more affordable if the owner makes a large move then an agreement based contract is preferred.


  • You can search the company website or submit references that you can call and speak to, before making your selection. A friend or family member who has used such facilities before can provide better advice.


Forums are an ideal starting point for your quest. The ExpatWomen forum has a special Relocation and Removals Section, along with tips on tested drivers. They are also available to provide guidance and recommendations from participants who have already been through the process.

Several online portals allow quote comparisons from various moving companies. MoveSouq and Moversemiratesadz are among the most common, which are great points of origin for your quest. MoveSouq was designed to connect expats in four simple steps with trustworthy movers. They often incorporate some useful move tools, such as the Volume Calculator and the cost calculator, which customers can use to measure initial travel costs. You just have to fill out a form to start the process.


Moving from one place to another is indeed a hectic work, there is a saying “if there is a need, there is an opportunity” and this has resulted in the startups of moving companies in the city. The recently built Central Park City Walk Dubai are giving much business to these moving companies.

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