Top 10 High Demand Laminates

If you’re looking for up-gradation of your home decor within budget, the laminate sheets are the best option. While trying to enhance the interior decor, you’ll come across various laminates. But among the unlimited varieties of materials, you should choose the best laminates for your residential and commercial landscape.


Laminate sheets comprise multiple layers of kraft paper, which are processed at different temperatures and pressure levels. Available in a wider variety of textures, patterns, colours and designs, the laminates can instantly enhance the look and feel of your decor. These sheets are considered sturdy and durable, along with a decorative appearance.


This article will go through the top ten high-demand laminates, creating a fantastic appearance with sustainability in the decor.


High-gloss laminates


Using high-gloss laminates will be ideal if you want to make the appearance of your kitchen or hall room bigger. These laminate sheets are popular for their reflective surface and mirror-like shine. Therefore, the glossy interior would transform the appearance of your small rooms brighter and broader.


A drawback of high-gloss laminates is that the sheets are susceptible to scratches and fingertips. Therefore, to resolve your tension regarding maintenance, Royale Touche would provide you with premium quality scratch-resistant laminate sheets.


Matte-finish laminates


Do you fond of the latest trend of the matte finish? Matte finish laminates are the best options if you want to change the look and appearance of your kitchen or restaurant bar with a sophisticated touch. The laminate sheets create an elegant ambience and add a luxurious feel to the interior decoration.


High-pressure laminates


Whenever we add something to our interior, we focus on longevity and appearance. In that case, high-pressure laminates are the right choices for you. Therefore, high-pressure laminates are the best when you want excellent resistance against pressure, heat and stains. These laminate sheets are used in the kitchen counters, worktops, table tops and storage units.


Textured Laminates


Textured laminates are a very appropriate alternative for nature lovers who desire a portrayal of their interest in interior decor. As these laminates resemble the textures of stones, silk, feather and other natural aspects, the laminate sheets can transcend a corner of your room to a mystic experience of nature. Our recommendation for you while choosing textured laminates is not to select them for spaces like the kitchen, where it has to absorb dirt and grease.


Acrylic laminates


Acrylic laminates will help to change your interior look with a bold and contemporary touch. These laminates can be used for both hot and humid environments as they are heat and moisture resistant. To maintain a modern and classy appearance, acrylic sheets are the most suitable ones.


Wood Laminates


Wooden furniture is always one of the most delicate objects to decorate interior designs, but maintenance of these would need more focus. Therefore, wood laminates are the best option to protect your favourite wooden furniture and make them attractive.


Decorative laminate sheets

Decorative laminates can enhance the appearance if you want to personalise the decor or interior of your home and restaurants. These laminates can be designed with the help of digital prints and other innovative technologies. With mix and match, you can get an exciting and engaging appearance of any space according to your taste.

Metallic laminates

Metallic laminates are available in different ranges of shades and are specially crafted for a metallic look. The sheets can make wonder for a contemporary and modern appearance. Laminates are available in the colours like silver, gold, copper and others.


PVC finish laminates

When you want to decorate a humid rich space like a  kitchen, bathroom and others, PVC finish laminate sheets will be appropriate. The sheets are water-proof, moisture-resistance and durable. However, the plastic-like look of the laminates is the only drawback of installing them in the interior.


Antibacterial laminates

Hygiene has been the priority for interior design for the last couple of years. These laminate sheets are coated with special anti-bacterial agents to make the interior safe and hygienic. These specialised laminate sheets can be installed in different spaces like clinics, hospitals, spas, healthcare facilities, restaurants, commercial kitchens, beauty parlours, and others, as the sheets protect against the growth of pathogens, viruses and bacteria.


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