Top 5 International Public Schools and Private CBSE Schools

Noida has developed into a metropolis that has drawn people from all around the country. As a smart city, the bulk of the labour is transferred or put here. This is mostly due to factors such as the existence of numerous businesses and schools. As the demand for high-quality education increased, many school kinds such as foreign public schools and School CBSE sprung up around the city.


The best CBSE schools and international public schools in Noida


Global Indian International School (GIIS)

This school has a global network of branches. It is spread throughout seven nations and, in addition to the other facilities described in the schools above, it has smart facilities that are not found in other Noida schools. Aside from that, the school provides both the regional CBSE board and the international IGCSE board for not just high school but also kindergarten and elementary school.

It also adheres to the award-winning 9GEMS methodology, which focuses on several components of learning that are critical for each student to focus on in order to achieve excellence.


Scottish High International School

This day school has a lush campus that spans 5 acres and has an exclusive student-teacher ratio of 1:10. Their school motto “INTERROGO, PERCIPIO, ADICIO” translates to “Question, Understand, Apply” in Latin. It is appropriate for their curriculum selection and holistic education. The school is an authorised IB Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) and Diploma Programme school (IBDP). It also provides IGCSE and ICSE courses. The school is affiliated with and well-known for functioning as an autism research centre, demonstrating that the institution strives for improvement even outside of the classroom.


Heritage Xperiential Learning School

HXLS was named the finest co-ed day school in India by Education World in 2019 and has routinely rated among the top 5 international schools for the past 5 years. Among many other accreditations, the school has received the IDA Education award in 2019, the Global Sustainable School award in 2017, and is an Ashoka ChangeMaker school. 

The CBSE, CAIE, and IB boards are all affiliated with the institution. As an international public school, it offers the CAIE IGCSE pedagogy in grades 6-10 and the IBDP curriculum in grades 11-12.

The institutions listed above are among the top and should be considered if you are seeking for an international public school.