Types of Laptops

For years, laptops have been the benchmark of a generation’s success. They are commonly seen as the ultimate status symbol and are often costlier than even cars also symbolize a high social class. Those who cannot afford one must settle for the next best thing: a tablet.

But nowadays, tablets are slowly replacing laptops in popularity, and Laptop Prices are becoming more affordable to the common man.

The recent advancements in technology are making it possible for tablets to match the performance of laptops and give them a greater variety of functions. The same companies selling rugged laptops just two or three years ago are now applying their knowledge to manufacture tablet computers that can handle anything a PC does at a fraction of the price. These tablets make laptops seem like mere toys, and the idea of buying another laptop seems almost incomprehensible. have declined.

Laptop Deals

A good deal never hurt anyone. These laptops are slightly cheaper than normal laptops. It’s time to strike, but beware: these laptops sell like hotcakes. There is always a suitable laptop for you. Because with Coolblue Laptop Discount, you will always get a good laptop at a reasonable price. It doesn’t matter if you are a Photoshop genius or a serious gamer. We have an offer for you.

Notebook with Windows

These laptops run on Windows 10 or Windows 11. Need a current operating system? No problem, the laptops in our collection support the latest Windows 11 updates for free and install quickly.

Windows POP is suitable for many usage scenarios. You can use it to write an academic essay. Edit photos and videos and play your favorite games in your spare time. One of the most popular software packages you may already be using is Microsoft Office. We recommend Word, PowerPoint, and Excel applications. Create reports, presentations, and spreadsheets quickly and easily on your Windows 10 or Windows 11 laptop.

My favorite Windows Coolblue Laptop

According to our customers and experts, your favorite Coolblue is the best product for you. This product has virtually no profit and has great reviews. That way we can make sure you’re making decisions that make you happy.

Gaming Laptop

You are using your gaming laptop to play games. But which laptop is good for gaming? To show this we have divided the most popular laptops into 4 groups based on the most popular games. VR games have light games, medium games, and heavy games sections. This way you will know exactly what you need to get your laptop to play popular games at the highest possible settings.

Laptop for Students

When choosing a laptop for students, we recommend that you pay special attention to the processor and screen size, not less than 12 inches and even 15 inches, so that you can easily carry the laptop in a bag.

We recommend no less than Intel Core i3 processors for Windows laptops, these processors are better equipped for the multitasking that is so much required by a student. If you want something other than Windows, choose a Chromebook. But it also works faster with Chrome OS.

Laptop for Photo Editing

Whether you’re a hobbyist graphic designer or a professional photographer, you need a powerful laptop for photo editing and illustration. For a laptop used for photo editing, we recommend at least a Core i5, A12, or Ryzen 5 processor, at least 6GB of RAM, and a full HD display. This way you create the most beautiful illustrations and keep your photo and art collection stylish.