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Ways to Extraordinary and Mind Blowing Sex Pleasures

First of all, this article is going to be quite long, so just do it, it will be worth it in the end. “Instant gratification doesn’t come right away.” If you don’t have a mutual love for each other as a man and a woman, where you feel that you both trust, cherish, respect and support each other, then it probably won’t help you much in terms of making the relationship work. Get better every day. Maybe if you work for it and take care of your significant other, it will eventually happen as also explained in Erotica stories.

This article is for those of you who know you’re in that moment and want more and more every day: “Hi honey, how are you today? How was your day? What’s for dinner?” I took the kids to soccer practice, I did the laundry.” You know, the kind of relationship that’s platonic on the roof. I want to tap into the deep level of communication between two sexually active people.

So what do you need to do to deal with this thing in your life, this thing that is weighing you down so much that you don’t know why sex has taken over and why your relationship is becoming the least impersonal. Where you can really feel how closeness disappears into the depths. Women are different from men, but they are not as complicated as you think.

Of course, sometimes they do the exact opposite of what follows. But this is not so from a woman’s point of view. Anyway, I want to touch on some physical and psychological things that will help you understand how women think, act and feel. This is very important for your overall state of mind. I cannot stress enough the importance of this.


The male brain:

While most women would say that men only think about one thing, and that is often true, this is how women define us. This is their opinion about men, without our understanding they judge us by our reactions (we used to do this with women due to lack of understanding). They don’t know that we have these answers physically ingrained because they have other answers (which we will discuss in more detail shortly) from our tribal days when we lived together. And we saw things (rape, murder/murder). , alpha male behavior, fighting and conflict, behavior essentially animals) day after day that changed our thinking and behavior patterns to what you see now. How do men think? A woman’s mind is a little different from a normal man’s. The human brain has three main parts: left (analytical), right (emotional) and reptilian.

To some extent, a person has the necessary bridge to connect the emotional to the analytical side and bring the two together as one thought, but more often than not, the person processes the external information and makes it a physical connection that requires physical attention. because it is on the left side. To do this conscious brain activity. Thus, when faced with a decision, a person makes a logical decision because this is where he processes information (left hemisphere, intellectual/analytical). Although men think emotionally, it is not at the same level as women. To feel good, a man takes his thoughts and turns them into physical manifestations of good feeling. Example: How does a man define the words “rich” or “successful”?

Usually visualizing material things like a big yacht, Ferrari, money, house, hot girlfriend/wife, etc. all material things. Most men believe that they can please a woman and believe that this will increase her value and make her more loved. This is often true, but most men don’t know how to please a woman from a woman’s perspective as opposed to a man’s. You can read it also in Erotica stories.
The female brain:

Now, the female brain is a little different. It also has three brains, but their bridge between the right and left sides is filled with pathways that process and transmit information better than the other side. This means that when a woman processes information (words and/or situations), she will process it using the full range of her other half. She will compare one word and/or situation to another in her life. That means she will internalize it and understand that particular thing and think about how it feels. The bottom line is that men imagine ideas/situations and women internalize them.


Because a woman’s brain is different and processes information differently, if you compare the two sexes, you will get drastically different answers.