What are the myths about the Wedding cake in Christian Weddings?

It is now an integral part of every wedding celebration and must not be missing on the “big” day – the wedding cake. Each couple decides for themselves which type of cake is suitable for their celebration. But since when has the wedding cake been around and which myths and customs are associated with it? An overview of the most significant information is available here.

Classic, multi-tiered and round, or perhaps more unusual, square and totally colorful – there are now wedding cakes in a wide variety of variations and more and more couples want a very individual cake with that certain something. We’ll tell you where the custom of the wedding cake comes from, what meaning certain ingredients have and what man or woman should pay attention to when cutting.


The cake is not only an absolute must at the wedding for consumption, it also revolves around numerous customs and myths, which can be very different depending on the origin. We have put together the five most popular myths for you.

  1. Color: The traditional and classic wedding cake is white. The color white has always stood for purity and innocence, but at the same time it creates a connection with the bride, who usually appears in front of the altar in white. In the past, the wedding cake was therefore also known as the “bride’s cake” or “custom cake”. Another theory is that at that time the sugar, from which the glaze of the cake was made, was a luxury good and only the richest families could afford a white-coated cake.
  2. Ingredients: Today it is said that a certain ingredient should not be missing in every wedding cake: marzipan. Marzipan is made up of three main ingredients: sugar, almonds and rose oil. The sweetness of the sugar stands for happiness and love, the bitterness of the almonds for the bad times that have to be overcome together and the rose oil symbolizes the passion in the relationship.
  3. In some wedding cakes, two coffee beans are also baked in. One is toasted and whoever finds it in the cake is prophesied of a happy married life. The other bean is unroasted and predicts a life of eternal single.
  4. 3rd tier: While a three-tier wedding cake stands for the Holy Trinity (father, son and holy spirit) or for love, marriage and married life, a five-tier wedding cake symbolizes certain stages of life: birth, communion / confirmation, marriage, children and death.
  5. Cutting: Warning: According to custom, cutting says a lot about the course of the marriage. The bridal couple leads the knife to the cake together. The partner who takes the lead when cutting and whose hand is on top should also have the say in marriage in the future.
  6. The first piece: After the cake has been cut, the bride and groom traditionally feed each other with the first piece, which is supposed to be a sign of mutual care. Attention: According to custom, the first floor of the wedding cake may not be eaten on the wedding day, but should be frozen, otherwise misfortune will fall on the couple.

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