Social WiFi Marketing

What Do Businesses Need to Know About Social WiFi Marketing?

In these modern days, everyone is using the internet in daily life. It’s no secret that most customers use their phones while they shop. It is estimated that 80% of consumers use their phones while sitting at a restaurant or any store. So why not use that digital data traffic and convert them into potential customers. In the past few years, only restaurants and coffee shop owners only offered free WiFi service to their customers. However, in this modern era, every business needs to use social WiFi marketing so they can improve customer care.

Offering Free WiFi Services in your business for customers will be a great opportunity for your business to grow. You can easily make more revenue and attract more customers. For example, 50% of customers feel more comfortable purchasing more if the store is offering free WiFi.

What is Social WiFi Marketing?

It refers to a physical address using a business WiFi landing page to allow the customers to log in to their guest WiFi. Customers can easily log in by providing their social media credentials. However, using the service of the captive portal tool customers can make their accounts on the website so their data can be used for re-marketing. Customers can use their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to access the WiFi service. It also generates a wealth of data that can be used for improving the business. Using WiFi marketing solutions you can promote your product according to your business requirement. A company can easily send promotional messages to its customers using their social media information.

Using Social WiFi For Re-targeting

Companies can easily target customers by promoting their products using new modern technologies. In the past few years, companies hired digital marketing agents that promote products for the company. However, in these modern days, companies are doing the marketing themselves by using new and modern marketing techniques. A company can easily use Facebook Ad services to promote its products very effectively. Therefore, you can even set up customized campaigns on social media platforms.

Importance of Social WiFi

In these modern days, a company requires strong marketing techniques that can easily make your business more effective and more successful. There are many companies that provide free WiFi service to their customers. This modern technique will increase the revenue and attract more customers to your business. WiFi marketing solution is a better way of knowing the interests of your customers as compared to traditional marketing. While using traditional marketing techniques, you print brochures and spread them anywhere you can. However, in these modern days. you do not know who has seen the brochure and to whom it will attract. When you use wifi marketing, you can easily have the information of every customer. You can easily know their interests and send them promotional messages accordingly.

Benefits of Social WiFi

There are many companies that are providing free WiFi service to their customers. If you have a company that wants to get successful in fewer days then you should use social WiFi service. Following are the benefits of social WiFi.

Collect Customer Data

When customers log in to your WiFi network service, a company collect some information in exchange for the WiFi service. Therefore, providing this information company can easily improve customer care. By using these services customers can use the internet while shopping. There are many companies that are using WiFi services to get more customers.

Connect with Customer

After logging in to the WiFi service customer will be engaged with your companies and they will be loyal to your business. You can encourage customers on joining your WiFi network and then you can provide them with discount coupons. There are endless possibilities but each offer will bring you more customers.

Drive Marketing Campaign

In the past years, companies used to hire media agencies that were used to do advertisements for the companies. That process was slow and the lead was not deep. Therefore, in these modern days, there are companies that are using new modern marketing techniques that can easily advertise your product.

Improve Relationship With Valuable Customers

Many companies are using these techniques to improve their relationship with their valuable customers. A company can use these social WiFi marketing techniques to attract more customers and improve relationships with valuable customers. A company can provide discount vouchers to their loyal customer so they can be loyal to your business. This is a very good technique to make business effective.