workforce management software
workforce management software

What Makes All-In-One Workforce Management Software

No matter how technologically advanced an organization is, it does require a human workforce to complete specific tasks. And as a manager, it comes upon you to manage and fully utilize their potential. And managers need good workforce management software to manage the employees strategically.

Managers are constantly looking for a single employee management software that has it all. We offer you TrackoField, which has all the features and more that can make operating easy and effective.

Continue to read to understand the need for a workforce management system and how TrackoField is an ideal software for you.

Why Does Your Organisation Require A Workforce Management System

Workforce management refers to strategically allocating, tracking, and optimizing the productivity of an organization’s most important asset: its employees.

Good workforce management ensures that the employee assigned the job has the suitable skill set and time to complete the task.

Whether you are a well-established corporate or a budding startup, you are always in need of employing field force or office employees. And because of this, workforce management becomes an indispensable part of your business strategy.

Effective employee management systems can allow organizations to work productively and with cost-effective methods.

To bring this into action, the organization needs excellent workforce management software. Workforce management software is a tool that enables the business to manage its workforce and tasks more organized and automatedly.

The good news is that with the help of effective employee management software, many functions, such as attendance and task allocation, can be automated.

There are multiple ways in which the software can benefit the organization, such as:

  • Automate task allotment
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Improve payroll accuracy
  • Keep accurate records
  • Fully utilize the potential of the employees
  • Help in keeping track of employee attendance and leaves
  • Improvement in customer service and relations

What are Managers Looking For in A Employee Management Software

It becomes essential for managers to optimize their workforce to profit the organization. And since the workforce is an asset to the company and those dealing with the customers, it becomes crucial for them to work their best. This goes for both field executives and in-office employees.

There are certain features that managers seek in workforce management software. These features can significantly relieve them and their employee of heavy loads.

Help in Task Allocation

Any workforce management software worth it’s salt should include smart work allocation features. It becomes too much for the managers to assign tasks daily manually to each employee. And for field executives coming to the office daily just to know their day’s job is simply a waste of time. This downsizes their productivity level.

Also, software should let managers know the perfect guy for each task based on their:

  • Skillset
  • Years of experience
  • Preference
  • Location
  • Bandwidth

Attendance and Absence Management

Keeping track of field employees’ attendance is a nightmare for every manager. Since they are never in the office, it becomes difficult for the managers to know their authentic attendance. Of course, it is still managerial in a small organization comprising 2–3 field executives. But it becomes challenging for well-established corporates to track hundreds of field executives spread all over the city and state.

Managers are constantly looking for software that will help them receive actual attendance of the employees hassle-free. A feature that will allow managers and employees to apply for and approve leaves instantly and keep a record is much needed.

Need For Smooth Communication

Switching from one platform to another to track and communicate can irritate the manager. And since the field employees are busy on the road, a communication gap can bubble between the manager and employees.

There are times when there is a change in task schedule, and managers might find it difficult to communicate it to the field employee for various reasons. Or the employee might have doubts regarding the tasks or any query and be unable to communicate it to the managers as they might be busy tracking another employee on another app. This communication gap is highly harmful to the functionality of the organization.

Easy Documentation

Leafing through multiple documents is time taking and also not at all cost-effective. Field employees always find it inconvenient to carry various forms for customer feedback, reviews, and work documents. In addition, these documents are liable to be lost in the field, which can adversely affect the business’s data collection.

Also, organizations might hire people just to organize and look after the documents. This will not at all be cost-effective.

How Can A Good Workforce Management Help Solve These

Nowadays, the market is flooded with workforce management software. Unfortunately, this makes it challenging to find and invest in good software.

What the managers need the most is excellent employee management software that is all in one. It should eliminate the need to switch the need to using multiple platforms to operate and manage.

We present TrackoField, a one-stop shop for all your managerial needs.

TrackoField is a workforce management software developed after much research and consideration of the grievances of managers.

TrackoField includes all the features that make the working of the managers and employees easy and productive.

Real-time Tracking

TrackoField offers managers the feature of real-time tracking. This allows the managers to know the precise location of their employees during working hours. Failure to determine the field crew’s location can negatively affect the business strategy and task management. And to avoid all this, real-time tracking is the key. This software also has an option to create a route history of employees.

It removes the need to constantly call the employee for task updation by the managers, as they can easily see on their screens.

Real-time tracking also helps to determine the time taken to complete a task by the employee. This further allows managers to plan future task allocation and payroll.

This feature also notifies the managers if the field employee is in a no-network zone or runs out of battery.

Attendance and Absence Management

The feature that makes TrackoField stand out is its geo-sensitive attendance. The field employee can only mark his attendance when he reaches his first task location. Managers can request visual verification, in which the employee is asked to send pictorial proof. This is a great help to eliminate the possibility of faulty attendance.

And since the employee can mark their attendance on the go through the app, this saves time and fuel consumption. This time can be utilized in task completion, thus increasing their productivity.

The manager can further monitor the leaves of the employees using TrackoField. This helps in task assigning as the manager knows which employee is on leave and the field.

Built-in Chat Box

It becomes crucial yet difficult for managers to communicate with their field employees regarding any changes and updation in the task status. To prevent switching back and forth between the platforms, TrackoField offers its users a built-in chat Box in the app. Employees and managers can share ideas, problems, and queries effortlessly. In addition, meetings can be held on the go with the help of this feature.

This feature helps field employees feel like they are part of an organization and a team.

Digital Documents

It becomes almost impossible for an organization to maintain and store all the paperwork. TrackoField application offers cloud storage where essential documents can be stored in digital format. This feature can make the organization more cost-effective and productive because it won’t have to manage all the papers constantly. Digitalizing documents allows managers and employees to find the required document quickly.

Customizable Forms

Customer feedback is essential for the growth of the company. Since employees, especially field employees, find it challenging to manage a bunch of papers while on the road, TrackoField has a feature of custom forms. This feature allows the organization to customize forms according to the clients and customers. And since it can be filled out digitally, it eliminates the weight of the documents.

Smart Task Management

Smart task management is the key to a successful organization. TrackoField allows managers to assign tasks digitally. Employees no longer have to memorize their tasks. Instead, they can simply check the software.

Through the workforce management software, the managers can bulk upload tasks for a month. Then, they will be displayed to the field force every day accordingly. This allows managers more time to prepare strategies for the organization.

Analytical Report Generation

TrackoField has a fantastic feature of analytical reports, which generates insightful reports on each employee. Through this, the managers can track the productivity level of each executive and how well they perform on the field.

Analytical reports allow managers to understand the strengths and shortcomings of each employee. This further helps in task allocation.

Expense management

Managers can put a cap on reimbursement amounts through the expense management feature. The limit can be customized according to team and designation.

Trust Your Employee Management System To TrackoField

We hope you have realized by now that the TrackoField is the ideal workforce management software that managers need.

TrackoField possesses all the features that can make the workings of managers and the workforce productive and smart. Get a demo now!

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