BPSC CDPO Syllabus

What strategy should be adopted to complete the BPSC CDPO Syllabus in 3 months?

To fill the newest vacancy, the Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) will hold a CDPO exam. We’ve prepared a few ideas to assist students with their best strategy to complete the BPSC CDPO syllabus in three months.

Thousands of students take the BPSC CDPO exam every year, hoping to land a job as a Child Development Project Officer in Bihar. Only a small percentage of those who begin their preparation phase with the goal of getting what they want end up getting it. A CDPO is a Group ‘B’ gazetted officer.

The top preparation ideas and techniques for the BPSC CDPO Exam were prepared by exam specialists at BYJU’S Exam Prep.

Here are a few pointers to help you prepare for the BPSC CDPO Exam.

Recognize the BPSC CDPO Exam Pattern .

Many applicants are ignorant of the necessity of studying the test, its format, and curriculum. To pass the BPSC CDPO Exam, you must have a thorough understanding of the exam format and material. For a thorough knowledge of the test pattern, see the entire BPSC CDPO Syllabus & Exam Pattern here.

Exam Exam Type Subject Name Marks Duration
Prelims Objective General Knowledge 150 120 Minutes
Mains Descriptive Compulsory Subjects


General Studies Paper 1

General Studies Paper 2

Optional Subjects


Home Science

Labour and Social Welfare








180 Minutes

180 Minutes

180 Minutes

180 Minutes






Stick to a BPSC CDPO Study Plan and Books.

It’s important to realise that hard effort isn’t enough on its own. Despite the fact that around 70% of those 100 work really hard, they do not succeed. As a consequence, planning ahead of time and effectively is vital.

  • To prepare for the CDPO test, you must first make a timetable, stick to it, and keep track of your progress.
  • Set weekly objectives for yourself and reward yourself when you reach them if you’re having problems sticking to your study schedule.
  • All of the issues on this list should be given adequate attention. The key to success in the BPSC CDPO test is good time management.

Concentrate on the Correct Source

  • Many aspirants make the mistake of buying a lot of books instead of focusing on a single one, which may be an expensive error if not remedied.
  • You can read through the “Important Books and Sources” list, which will provide you with more than enough information for the exam.

Clarity of Concepts in BPSC CDPO Preparation

To pass the Preliminary Examination, you must study thoroughly for the principles of Technology, History and Constitution, Biology and General Science in Science, Importance of Current Affairs in National and International Scenarios, and Current Affairs.

  • You will need to read Hindi grammar extensively to prepare for the main exam. There will also be questions based on your ability to employ antonyms, synonyms, and antonyms correctly, all of which will need much preparation.
  • There will be two question papers under General Knowledge, therefore in order to prepare, one must extensively learn Indian history, geography, constitution, and sociology.

Quizzes & Mocks for the BPSC CDPO

Clearing the BPSC CDPO Exam necessitates not just hard preparation, but also a positive mindset on exam day.

  • It’s vital to prepare your mind for this, understanding which questions to skip and not letting your ego to take over, which might lead to you spending too much time on a single subject.
  • Regular practise is the sole attribute that can assist an average student pass this exam.

Important BPSC CDPO Preparation Tips

Make notes & Revise

  • It is critical to prepare notes since it facilitates and expedites the editing process.
  • When you look back over your notes months later, they are still clearly understood (mention even the slightest point).
  • If you take good notes while playing the game, you may easily pass any exam.
  • Make time in your revision timetable to go over the complete curriculum at least twice before the test.

Take some free time

  • Watching Movies It’s quite acceptable to unwind from time to time by playing games or doing something else.
  • Remember that humans are not robots, and that rest is necessary. Instead of studying for lengthy amounts of time, take breaks.

Don’t be over or underconfident

  • Maintain your confidence by participating in mild workouts or yoga, such as dancing, cycling, swimming, and so on.
  • You will succeed in the BPSC CDPO if you are confident in your abilities..

Focus on Important Topics

  • There are various topics that hold higher weight in the BPSC CDPO test.
  • Analyzing previous year BPSC CDPO papers and paying more time to them would surely be good in learning more about these areas.
  • It’s also critical to be aware of subjects that aren’t generally addressed in the test.

Some Don’ts

  • Avoid making too many friends, especially negative ones.
  • Never put your education on hold; catching up on missed assignments might be challenging.
  • Don’t spend too much time watching TV or surfing the web.
  • If at all possible, avoid studying at night.

BPSC CDPO Subject -wise Preparation

Select an optional subject in which you are well-versed. All of these questions will challenge your mental talents, so start studying six months in advance. Your confidence, ability, and ability will be put to the test in the form of an interview, so prepare well.

Focus on Each Subject

  • Many aspirants acquire an interest in a certain subject in general. As a consequence, people begin to commit the necessary time and effort, resulting in a shift in their initial study plan.
  • It’s OK to have a preference for one topic over another; nonetheless, hopefuls should give each subject equal attention.