NDIS Pricing Arrangements

What You Need To Know About NDIS Price Arrangements

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) supports 4.3 million Australians living with a disability. NDIS ensure that persons with disability get support and amenities to help them take part in community activities. These have encouraged and made it easier for these individuals to reach and strive toward their goals. 

The pricing of NDIS has been standardized and outlined the charges of its services and support. This update is made every year, and the new NDIS Pricing Arrangements (formerly known as the NDIS Price Guide) are announced after every financial year. 

The NDIS updated the price arrangement.

This price regulation ensures that individuals get value for money in their services. All available support catalogue lists can be used by providers when lodging a payment request. 

Information on the previous and present cost limits for each support item is found in this catalogue. The maximum amount registered providers can invoice NDIS participants for specific support is the price limit. The catalogue also includes claim types that apply to each price-limited support item. Negotiations on price between the participants and providers for lower prices are allowed. 


When a participant dies, the NDIS Bereavement Addendum lists allows providers to claim support items. This Addendum is not a document that can stand on its own. It’s read together with the NDIS Pricing Arrangement and Price Limits. 

You will find two items in the present Addendum. The first is the plan managers, and the second is the supported independent living (SIL) providers that can be used if a participant dies. 

Due to the coronavirus, a COVID Addendum was introduced, which contains temporary measures in direct response to the pandemic. This is also not a standalone document, and it has to be read together with the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits. 

Assistive Technology Home Modifications and Consumables Code Guide

These are the most commonly used guide lists for support that may be provided as reasonable and necessary under the NDIS. 

Pricing Plans for Specialist Disability Accommodation

There was previously known as the Price Guide for Specialist Disability. It contains a summary of costs that are applied to specialist disability accommodation (SDA) under the NDIS.

Disability Support Worker Cost Model

This model gives a rough estimate of the charges which are billable per hour that support has been offered. The model accounts for all the charges associated with every billable hour. Updates have been made to the NDIS Disability Support Worker Cost Model to better reflect the cost structures of efficient providers in the sector. The NDIA sets the cost limits for support delivered by disability support workers.

The NDIA often reviews and updates the price arrangements. This ensures that the participants, their families, caregivers, and providers’ needs are well met. It also ensures that the pricing remains affordable for generations to come.