Do you often save your money? Is your financial situation so desperate that you don’t even have enough to buy groceries or your children’s school? Don’t worry because the solution to your problems can be yours with just one click. The answer to your financial dilemma is buying gift cards. Well, don’t actually buy it – most cards are free. You don’t have to spend tons of money; You just have to follow certain instructions or rules and spend several minutes in front of the computer every day.

Cards were first used in 1994 by Blockbuster Entertainment instead of their usual gift certificates. The idea caught on and steam gift cards are now popular in almost every retail outlet around the world. And you can be one of the lucky chosen ones to receive a card. How do you know you are eligible to get one? There really aren’t any specific qualifications for obtaining them, but there are a number of ways or methods you can use to obtain one for yourself.

Your first option: take online surveys. You see, there are companies that hire people to work for them and help them answer and fill out surveys about the company’s products and/or services. Most companies reward your diligence and honesty with free product samples. Some companies will choose to give you cash in small amounts; while others give you cards. All you have to do is fill out some forms and voila, you get your reward! However, beware of online survey companies that ask you to pay some kind of joining fee, as they are usually not legitimate.

Another surefire way to get gift cards is to sign up with a site that offers coupons and gifts. The only downside to this option is that signing up sometimes requires you to spend some money. If you really want to get your gift cards for free, you have to choose from a variety of online activities such as: B. Transcribe recipes or click on some emails.

There are some maps that require you to sign up and become a member of their site for a period of time. After signing up, you will be asked to taste or try their products. Others will also ask you to take surveys. Some trial versions will be free while others will be offered at minimal cost. When you finish all the tests, you will receive your gift card. There are some people complaining that they are being scammed by these websites that offer free gift cards. These are usually the ones who don’t care at all about the given rules, instructions and requirements, so don’t follow them and get no cards as a result! Don’t be like these people; Follow the requirements and instructions carefully and you are guaranteed a free gift card. There is actually a flow of how both parties can benefit from this process; them with your card and the gift card provider through the money they receive from the surveys you fill out.

If you’ve often wondered where to buy tickets, you’ll find that the answer has long been staring you in the face. Every time you turn on your computer and connect to the internet, you create opportunities to earn them. Every time you click on this email or answer this survey, you get closer to your goal of getting your very own gift certificate. So if you’re pretty keen on snagging some free gift cards for your next batch or groceries, or maybe just buying that dress you’ve always had your eye on, get online and start looking for the best card deals that you can find.

Use gift cards to increase sales and reduce processing costs

As the Christmas shopping wraps up, I reflect on some of the activities I witnessed. Specifically here I’m really just talking about how I’ve seen the use of gift cards. Unlike many in the past, this year there were several major retailers as well as national restaurant chains offering things like “Buy a $20 gift card and we’ll put an extra $5 on us” or “Buy a $50 -Gift card and we’ll add an extra $10”. Of course, if the big national chains do this, it must have excellent benefits to drive future sales. Let’s take a look at some ideas you might be able to incorporate into your marketing and that you Regarding gift cards, you may not be using it yet, of course all of this takes into account that you are currently using gift cards in your business.

Gift certificates for recording set charges and savings :

If you have a pin block in your business, then savings on your processing costs are available at your fingertips. If you haven’t been enlightened yet, pinning debit transactions saves you money instead of running them as credit transactions. But many merchants and their employees don’t do a good job of trying to get customers to enter their PIN numbers. I recommend all my merchants that they put up a sign on the counter that says something like “If you’re paying with a debit card today, please enter your PIN number as this will save us processing costs”. Or, of course, you could come up with something that affects it. But here’s one way you can use gift cards to help in this endeavor. Get a goldfish bowl and preload a bunch of your gift cards with values ranging from $1 to maybe $20 (you can choose the values yourself, but just try to mix them up a bit). Then put a sign on the counter that says “Enter your PIN and win” or “Enter your PIN and take a bath”… something along those lines. So once they enter their pin number they can pull a card out of the bowl and it will be good on their “next visit”. The obvious goal here is to get them back in the store, and they’ll practically always spend more than the value on the card. National averages show that gift card holders typically spend at least 20% more than what ‘s on the card.

Gift cards to increase your average sales today:

Here’s an idea that could help increase your average sale today. Everyone likes a deal, wouldn’t you agree? Let’s say you have a customer who comes to the counter and their purchases total $42. Why not put up a sign that says “Purchases over $50 get a $5 gift card” or “Purchases over $50 get a 10% bonus on a gift card”. It can only be a temptation for them to go back and find something else to add to their purchase today. And of course the gift card is good for the “next visit”. Let’s face it, if you Keystone everything in your store and give away a $10 gift card, it really will only cost you $5 and get you more future sales.

Gift cards on return:

This is a strategy that could be used whenever someone comes in with a return. Most of the time, buyers or gift recipients simply want a credit on their credit card or cash, whichever is more appropriate. Of course you want to be accommodating whatever they want. But if you make any of the returns above, pack them with what was once a sale and money in the till. Offer them what they want, but possibly give them an alternative, such as bonus, or $5 bonus, or whatever”. Again, the idea here is to try and get them back in the store and give back what was originally spent and hopefully more. In fact, they can come back, some of the Use gift cards and don’t use them up completely, which would bring them back in. The more times you can get them at your store or restaurant, the more likely you are to do future business with them.

Gift vouchers as loyalty cards:

Some merchants use gift cards as a form of customer loyalty card when not using actual loyalty cards. For example, tell your customers or advertise in your business that “all purchases over $20 will be rewarded with a percentage that will steam gift cards for free automatically be added to a gift card.” And again, this gift card is good for future visits. The difference between using gift cards as a type of “rewards program” and using an actual loyalty card is that gift cards are denominated in dollars and loyalty cards can be either dollars or points. You get the idea… just keep looking for ways to increase those sales.

Hopefully these ideas will help you unleash your creativity. My goal is always to do whatever it takes to help my merchants save on costs and increase their sales. I pray that 2011 will be a prosperous year for you. Have you already used the mobile text marketing phenomenon to increase sales? On this subject, too, I can share ideas that blow traditional marketing methods out of the water at a fraction of the cost.