Why Choose a Primary school in Punggol for your child ?


A school plays an important role in the overall  development of a child. An educational institute not only prepares children for life after school but also provides them a safe and nurturing environment where they can strive to reach their maximum potential. As such, many parents place a great emphasis on choosing the right primary school for their kids.

Education in the primary school in Punggol, Singapore is considered as one of the best, as reflected in the high test scores, clean environment and safe neighborhood. Punggol’s SMART digital campus combines modern teaching methodologies and innovative technologies that allow students to expand their learning into competencies beyond the curriculum.

6 Reasons to enroll your child in the international schools in Punggol:


  1. Qualified Teachers from around the Globe


Primary schools in Punggol hire faculties from around the world. The teachers are highly proficient in their subject areas and personally guide and assist students. They are well-trained to impart teaching using modern technologies and teach in an international environment. 


Teachers make appropriate use of new-age facilities to provide students with the best international education in the early years of their schooling, thus preparing them for a great future. Having a global perspective allows the students to think bigger and use their knowledge and understanding of different cultures to be informed, global citizens.


  1. Wide Range of Extra and Co-curricular Activities

Another benefit to international schooling in Singapore is learning new cultures and trying a wide selection of extra and co-curricular activities. GIIS, one of the best private schools in Singapore, offers a variety of activities such as sports, foreign language lessons, and a number of artistic activities such as photography, dance, music and art.


The broad selection of these activities enables the students to explore their interests, shape their curiosity about the world and hone their creativity. In addition to extracurricular classes, the schools also offer opportunities such as volunteering, community service, and field trips to allow students to experience life outside of the classroom.


  1. Provides Holistic curriculum


The curricula found at international schools tend to offer greater diversity and are tailored to the student’s skill set and needs. The Holistic Curriculum at international schools in Punggol are based on teaching and learning principles that see the child as whole and that nurture their sense of belonging.


Moreover, if a family intends to stay in Singapore for just a few years before returning to its home country, it will be more convenient to enroll the child in an international school in Singapore that offers a similar curriculum to that of its native country.


  1. Value Added Programmes


Students of primary school in Punggol are given outstanding opportunities to build a strong foundation and learn the purpose of life with their value-added programmes. The value added educational programmes include exceptional programmes such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and Hey Math! 


These programmes allow students to explore the subject concepts with hands-on experiences and polish their mathematical skills through online tools. This kind of educational program strengthens a student’s learning capabilities and develops their problem-solving, creative and critical thinking skills.


  1. Well-designed Bridge Programmes


Primary school admissions in most schools in Singapore are open throughout the year. These schools have well-designed programmes for the students who join in the middle of the year. The bridge programme offered by the best private school in Singapore, GIIS, is a phenomenal one that helps students cope with the syllabus and catch up with their fellow students. 

Their encouraging teachers give extraordinary support to the new joiners and assist them to be at par with those in their class and to make new friends.


  1. Support Overall Development


International schools in Singapore incorporate group activities in their school environment. The group interaction helps students develop a sense of respect for each other, learn the difference between right and wrong, how to play with cooperation, the importance of sharing, voice their opinions and develop confidence.


It is a proven fact that children in their early phase of life who attend a school that gives a positive and nurturing environment are more stable than those who don’t. Primary education in Singapore offers a safe, happy and healthy environment where children can obtain a sense of self and explore new things which they can learn about themselves.


Primary schools in Punggol are excellent when it comes to focusing on the overall development of the students. 




Singapore has the best schools and educational institutes that not only prepare your child for exams but also nurtures them to be global citizens with holistic development. Its smart and digitally futuristic campus helps students gain new-age skills for an excellent and bright future. Due to this, students studying in the best private school in Singapore are among the top-performers in the world.