Why Does Your Website Need Video Content?

Why Your Site Needs Videos Now!

Everyone knows that the internet is constantly changing, but did you know that it also changes our behavior? For example, the internet has changed the way we all consume information. In recent years, Americans have moved from interactive post content readers to content viewers. Less and less people are wasting their time reading long texts online and watching videos containing the same information. In fact, more than a third of all online activity is spent watching movies.

This behavior change is a great way for businesses to organize and format their web pages to gain more viewers, stay on the page longer, and ultimately convert potential customers into loyal consumers.

1- Video is how users consume content

Did you know that the average internet user increases their total video playback time from 88 minutes per day to 100 minutes per day? This is a significant increase in video consumption. In addition, by 2022, internet video will account for more than 82% of all consumer traffic on the internet.

With the dramatic increase in video consumption, viewers must be taken into account. In 2000, Microsoft conducted a survey to measure how focused people could be on one thing at any given time. The results showed that a person’s average attention span was 12 seconds.

In other words, there is a short period of 12 seconds to catch the attention of the audience.

In addition to the short attention span given by surfers, most of us tend to consume information as efficiently as possible. Watching movies rather than reading content seems to be the most effective way.

As a result, corporate website visitors use video more than static text. Visual content is essential to keep visitors on the site and keep them interested in your services and products.

2 – Video can improve SEO

Videos can give your business a huge search engine advantage. For example, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Who do you think owns YouTube? Here, Google, the best search engine!

Creating a streamlined YouTube channel with all your videos (even if the videos are embedded on your actual site) has the added benefit of increasing your presence on the Google search results page. You can use this to add video titles, descriptions and keywords to further improve your SEO.

Another reason why videos are great for SEO is because they keep your website visitors longer. The length of time a visitor stays on the page is an important factor in ranking the page in search results. The longer you visit, the more important the website becomes to Google. Therefore, when viewers are obsessed with videos, they will stay on your site longer and improve their overall SEO rankings.

 3- Video delivers a consistent message

If your site visitors are not speed readers and can absorb your site interactive post content quickly, you may not be communicating clearly with your marketing message.

By creating videos about your business, team members, testimonials, and even product presentations about your services and products, you’re more likely to get your brand message to viewers rather than a text reader.

Video does not necessarily replace the content, but should complement the content by allowing visitors to process the information on the website.

4 – Video adds personality to your business

This is a great way to stand out from the competition instead of having team members and workplace videos to connect with your audience. Your online video can showcase your company culture and most importantly the personality of famous brands. Videos can bring your business to life quickly and privately.

Not only do your videos highlight aspects of your business that are not easy to find on websites, they can also be shared on social media platforms. Creating original video interactive post content with insider information about a product, service, or industry maximizes social media engagement by driving people to the content or site rather than leaving the site.