Why Is International Baccalaureate The Best Program For Your Child?

The IB (International Baccalaureate) is an internationally recognized high school diploma that alternates Advanced Placement Program. This school teaches students about critical and analytical thinking. Also, this course develops every student individually with a distinct perspective.


Important reasons why IB (International Baccalaureate) in a Tokyo school is so important for your child’s upbringing.


  • Depth of study


IB allocates courses for students with different subject groups. Every group consists of six subjects: science, language, math, and humanity. The structural design of IB courses enhances the depth and wideness of knowledge, so students can easily understand the value of education by gaining knowledge.

  • Real-Life Learning


IB students keep themselves occupied with a variety of activities, including CAS-activities and various social services. Through this involvement, they learn and grow as people, and take on social obligations.


Students get opportunities in International Baccalaureate courses to fulfill their dreams and skills through various projects, community services, sports, clubs and social gatherings, and exciting activities other than study. 

  • Freedom In Study


IB students utilize everything they have learned and link it with real life situations. But they know how to carry their instincts. For example, students will apply the knowledge they have gathered in a science class on the soccer field. So, they have made a connection smartly and dynamically.  


Also, IB Tokyo schools make this type of connection in their projects, like extended Essays. So, IB offers freedom in this way, which is inspiring and motivating.


  • Develop And Adopt skills


IB diploma provides two particular subjects, Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge, to prepare students for an advanced individual research study. Also, these two subjects teach organizational behavior, acts, and skills. These skills are vital for any student’s higher study and bright career.


  • Individual Learning


The teachers of IB encourage students to participate in the discussion and two-way communication. These features build strong communication and personal skills, socialism, and confidence in a student.


Even IB makes students capable of carrying originality, different perspectives, good listening skills, and willingness to accept others’ outlooks.


  • Global citizenship


IB Diploma is available in 150 global countries and recognized by 90 countries. Even some of the prestigious universities in the world, i.e., Harvard University, Stanford, and Yale Universities, have acknowledged this diploma course.


IB teaches students to accept the outer world and its diverse culture with an open mind. So, this adaptability will help them become a global citizen.


  • Challenging Tasks


IB offers a rigorous and simultaneous process to inspire and encourage students to excel in their potentialities and expand their boundaries to achieve higher excellence. 


To face the outer world, they must prepare for new real-life challenges. IB works on this point and rewards students who can cross the hurdles. Eventually, students discover a new perspective on life and push themselves for further achievements. This feature will help them throughout their entire life.


  • Time management


IB features time management study that students acquire this skill instinctively. This study includes time management skills for completing assignments, maintaining good habits, revising books, developing the inner self, and resisting bad distractions. Once students master these skills, they take a step ahead toward success.




Every class member is motivated to portray themselves and place a voice to express their opinions. Also, an IB course builds a student into a positive, enthusiastic, well-behaved, socially engaged, and motivated person with a higher degree of humanity. So, make your child’s way to the future with IB.