Why Should you have your own Sewing Machines?

If sewing is your hobby and you love to sew almost every day, you might need a sewing machine. Now, you might wonder why you need sewing machines if you’ve always sewn by hand or you might also think whether the investment would be worth it or not. Well, even if you don’t sew generally, a sewing machine can become handy very often for different purposes.

For some people, sewing is a source of income. Some people only sew occasionally to mend a dress or to add a new pocket to their baby’s shirt. We all sew clothes from time to time, whatever the motivation is. The needle and thread can be used for some simple sewing tasks, although this is not always the case. Sometimes it is necessary to sew quickly or with a clean stitch.

Reasons to use Sewing Machines instead of hand sewing:

  • With the help of sewing machines, you can complete projects faster: Machine sewing can be accomplished very quickly compared to time-consuming hand sewing. This is useful if you need to finish a sewing project or effort quickly. If you want to get into sewing as a business, proper use of time is required.Since the thread and needle are already set up when you use a machine, you can start working on your next project right away. Since you have to find the right needle and thread, sewing by hand takes more time.
  • Compared to sewing by hand, sewing machines make neater and more precise stitches: The stitches are crisp and precise when using sewing machines because the machine does all the work. After carefully threading the needle and adjusting the thread tension, you can achieve clean, precise stitches.Because hand sewing is completely manual, this can’t happen. Some longer stitches and some shorter stitches may affect the overall finish of the product.
  • With sewing machines, you can sew thicker materials like denim and leather: Wool and denim are too heavy to be sewn by hand. The use of a sewing machine facilitates the sewing of thick fabrics. This is important if you own a sewing business, as speed and accuracy are key.Double thread is used in sewing machines to create strong and durable stitches. It can be hard on the hands and eyes if done by hand. You can also easily sew blankets, quilts, and pants with a sewing machine.
  • With sewing machines, you can create intricate and decorative objects with fancy stitches: With a sewing machine, decorative stitches can now be selected. Using a sewing machine, you can make beautiful lace, tie elegant ribbons and sew the binding.Additionally, a beautiful embroidery and faux ribbon look can be quickly created. If done by hand, these tasks can be time-consuming and difficult.
  • You can use a sewing machine for various crafts: You can use sewing machines for more than just making clothes. A sewing machine can be used to produce a variety of advanced items. Does your child have a craft project in school? Or, do you want to participate in a sewing exhibition?A sewing machine can be used to make many different things, including upcycled items, stuffed animals, and costumes for special events, and the clean detaining, and accuracy will make the pieces attractive.
  • Having a sewing machine makes your business more professional: When running a sewing business, quality and speed are important. When shopping for clothes, consumers are willing to spend more if the item is of higher quality.Because a sewing machine creates stitches of a higher caliber than you can achieve by hand, the products you make and sell in your sewing business will appear more polished, which will make your customers happier. Plus, a content consumer will recommend your business to others!
  • A sewing machine allows you to reduce costs:
    Although buying a sewing machine costs money upfront, you can save money over time by repairing clothes and other items that you would otherwise throw away and have to replace. You can prolong their life by repairing holes in your clothes with your sewing machine.
  • Use a sewing machine to solve problems around the house:
    This is useful if you are a parent because your child may ask you to do something after school one day, while you can do it more quickly and efficiently if you have a sewing machine. Using a sewing machine was much easier than sewing by hand.


There are many benefits of using sewing machines. These machines make work easier and faster compared to hands. If you want to know the reasons to have your personal sewing machines, then this article is for you.