Why Use a Cabin Air Filter in Your Car

Why Use a Cabin Air Filters in Your Car


Most people just focus on the ordinary replacements of cars and ignore some important checks including cabin air filters. The cabin air filters is mostly avoided by the owner. It could be trouble for you over time. do not avoid the parts related to your engine’s health and performance. Most of the owners just replace the engine air filter when they go for an oil change.

A cabin air filter is like a paper shape part fitted in your car to control the harmful pollutant. Its works for the inside environment of the car. The dust came through the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system. However, its role is important as it provides a clean environment inside the vehicle and controls the outside pollutant entering the car.

What Is the Purpose of Cabin Air Filters

Outside air enters your car through different ways like AC or heater. It work to control the outside air pollutant and make the inside air good and fresh for passengers. Over time the engine filters become older and dusty this happens the same with a cabin air filters.

The life of the filter is down over time. If you never replace the cabin air filters it may cause trouble in breathing and sometimes harmful dust falls your allergy. It also works to control the leaves and other dust from getting into the car and stuck in the blower motor.

Now if you know the working system, you must know how important I to replace it in time is. The more you delay replacing the more you need to suffer from harmful pollutants and noises also.

How Often You Should Replace Air Filter

After every year you should replace the activated charcoal cabin air filters or every 24000 km. The standard air filter should replace after 48000 km of driving. If you never get an idea about the exact replacement time for an air filter call your car maker or assistant for further guidance. He can guide you better about the exact time your car model needs a new cabin air filter. If you have car for sale in Pakistan talk freely.

It also depends on the area or city you live in. If you drive regularly on dusty roads and your vehicle absorbs too much dust every day. You should change sooner to make sure the inside environment will not affect by the outside pollution.

Bad Cabin Air Filter Symptoms

If the cabin air filter never works perfectly you will face many problems inside your car. The most one is the environment inside the car will not be good to sit and spend a long time inside the vehicle.

Bad Smell

When the dust is stuck in filters it stops the regular work of the cabin. If the cabin air filter doesn’t work properly you will feel a bad smell inside your car. It happened because they failed to control dust and the stuck pollutant makes a smell. Usually, the air filter failed to properly work after a long time of working. Make a schedule to replace the cabin air filter before it’s troubling for you to drive.

Air Flow Problem

Basically cabin air filters work for the air flow inside your vehicle and filters air outside to inside by controlling the dust. If you notice air flow through vents has dropped and airflow is disturbed. This is caused by a bad cabin air filter and the solution is only to replace it. If you spend a long time with one cabin air filters it could be clogged and not able to pass the air through the filter after controlling the dust.

Voice From Air Vents

When the cabin air filter stopped working its affected different interior parts. Because the filters are not working and are not able to control dust. It may create strange noises when the air passes through the filter. This noise is created by the dust and leaves stuck in the filter.

If you hear whistling noise from vents continuously do to avoid it. It can disturb the system of your car and trouble controlling dust to enter the interior functions.


Do not avoid car maintenance and ignore the parts that need to replace over time. One air filter is fitted in the engine to control dust for the engine and one for the cabin. Both have time to replace after spending limited miles suggested by the car maker. Make your inside of car comfortable and pollutant free by take care of cabin air filter.