Win Win Fish Prawn Crab

For those of us from the West, the name Win Win Fish Prawn Crab might sound a little odd, but it pays homage to the old Chinese dice game founded on straight web slot. The dice game, also referred to as Hoo Hey How, has six images on each die, including fish, prawns, crabs, gourds, roosters, and tigers. Each tile resembles a finely carved ivory die, and you will recognize a few of these as game symbols.


Given how well-liked dice games are in Asia, Win Win Fish Prawn Crab is aimed largely at those regions. However, PG soft slots are always compatible with mobile devices, and the bonus round will feature collapsing reels with a growing multiplier that never resets. The bonus gives you endless free spins, which heightens the thrill, and the 3,672x possibility is respectable for a volatile market release.



  • Wins that collapse with a growing multiplier.
  • FS with a non-resetting multiplier, indefinite.
  • Low volatility and a maximum win of 3,672x.
  • 96.72 percent RTP (not RTP ranges).


  • 1 in 1 billion is the maximum victory probability.


Free Spinning is fun.


We had a good experience testing this PG Soft mobile slot, and it was intriguing to learn about the game of darts it is founded. As usual, we have quickly put together and edited a highlights movie for your viewing pleasure. Three, four, or five extra spinning signs anywhere in reach start the bonus round, which rewards three, four, or five other lives, respectively. Your life total is reduced by one after each free spin, but it returns to zero anytime you hit a winning combination. The win multiplier begins at x1 and rises by +1 for each collapsing win. When you enter the bonus round, the multiplier never resets, and the feature stops when you lose out of chances.


Wilds and Cascade


When you get six of a type, the signs payout between 0.20 and 1 times your wager, and the Wild symbol rewards 2 times your wager. Like wilds typically do, the Wild additionally substitutes for all other pay symbols to make winning combinations. The Collapsing Spins feature clears out winning symbols to make room for new or improved symbols to fall and fill in the spaces. As long as you’ve got winning, this cycle will continue. The win multiplier grows by one with each collapsing win and resets to one with each successive sequence…….



The gameplay itself is quite basic. In the endless spins bonus round, the factor never refreshes, and you receive collapsing winnings with a rising multiplier at all stages. The promised 20,000x potential appears implausible and superfluous, especially considering that the highest payout in 1 billion computer-simulated spins was just 3,672x.


The Win-Win Fish Prawn Crab traditional Chinese gambling is based on symbols that each resemble a nicely designed die.  PG Soft releases on mobile devices appear best in portrait orientation and aren’t truly optimized for larger screens. Although it still functions, you should play this game on the straight web slot because that is how it was intended to be played.



In Win Win Fish Prawn Crab, is there an extra reels mode?


You can begin the game with up to 5 chances, and one life is lost for every free spin. You receive an endless number of free spins with a non-resetting limitless progressive win multiplier, but the life counter resets on winning spins.


How many opportunities exist for success?


There are 10,000 ways to win in Win Win Fish Prawn Crab, and you can win by matching symbols landing in any sequence on adjoining reels going from the far left to the far right Read more