Your chance to Learn the Quran Online for free with Qualified Teachers!

Studying the Quran is the noblest thing that every true Muslim must do every day. It is the mercy of Almighty Allah. It provides information on all aspects of life and brings you closer to God.


Every Muslim tries to find a way to learn Quran. Nowadays, it has become popular to study the Quran and Islamic studies through online scholars and schools. But some people cannot afford paid online courses. So let’s talk a little bit about learning the Quran online. In this article you will find the answers to your questions about free online Quran courses. But what do we mean by free online Quran courses? I will keep you updated!

What are free online Quran courses?

Free online Quran courses are a free form of education offered by some online Quran institutes and academies to help those in need who cannot afford tuition. Based on the idea that these free courses are offered to those who need them and to those who cannot study the Qur’an for various financial reasons, the acceptance of students is subject to certain conditions that will be communicated to you.


An institute that offers free courses on the Holy Qur’an is responsible for providing the student with the best possible conditions to support him in his learning. It offers students qualified teachers, flexible working hours and a good salary. Not only institutes but also some teachers are offering free online Quran lessons as a gift to needy students. Now you may wonder why these institutes spend most of their time teaching the Quran for free. ok keep us updated..

Why do we offer free online Quran lessons?

There are many reasons why online institutes offer free online Quran courses, here are some of them:

Spread the message of Islam everywhere;

Inviting or inviting others to Islam is the best because it guides people to the right path and guides them to what will make them happy in this world and the world to come.


The main reason for providing free courses on Quran and Islamic sciences is to spread the call to God and learn more about Islam to Muslims who do not know enough about Islam and non-Muslims who want to know. About Islam and its rules.


In fact, it is a great deed that Allah loves in people. Who is better than those who turn to Allah and do good deeds, saying: “Lord Allah (who believes in Him only)” says Allah Almighty during Fussilat. I am one of the Muslims.


In other words, we are highly rewarded by giving people free Quran lessons. Then comes the next point.


To receive your reward from the Almighty Allah;

Calling people to God is a wonderful act that brings great reward. Free Quran lessons are a way to spread the call to God. Those who do this will be rewarded as those who cry out to God for help.


“He who calls others to be leaders will receive the same reward as those who follow him, without his reward being diminished in any way. Those who betray others will bear the same burden of sin as those who follow them.

Help increase the number of educated Muslims who know Islam;

We have already mentioned that one of our goals is to introduce Islam to non-Muslims and spread the message of Islam among them, but that is not our only goal, the most important is to learn Quran and Islamic study among them. . muslims . There are many Muslims who are just Muslims. They don’t know much about Quran or Islam. In online schools, we target this category to people who dream of learning the Quran. Now our task is to study the Koran and Islamic sciences and bring them closer to their teachers.

We help students in need;

Many people cannot attend Quran lessons and at the same time want to find a way to learn the true words of Allah. If we give them a chance to learn the Quran for free, they will be happy, work hard and who knows, maybe one day they will become Muslim students and teach Quran to people. By giving this gift, we are trying to teach people to learn the Quran for free online and teach others the faith to give.

Spread the spirit of giving among people;

Online academies that offer free Quranic courses use their time and energy to serve the needy and encourage people to study the Quran. They seek only a reward from Allah, and what is the use of that! Poor students feel that there are good things in the world and expect to know more. This is how we spread the spirit of giving and offering through our sincere work.


Let us spread the word that the main purpose of online Quran institutes is not to make money;

With the advent of online schools, some people believed that these institutions were all about making money. However, offering free Quran lessons online shows that the purpose of the lessons is to enable poor students to learn the Quran. We cannot ignore the fact that some institutes want to make money, but this is clearly not the case with free course providers.


An academy that doesn’t offer free courses is neither bad nor bad. The idea is for schools to have teachers and raise teachers’ salaries until it is possible to further their careers and ambitions.

Quran How can I learn the Quran for free?

As we explained above, there are certain requirements that must be met in order to be able to study the Quran for free online.

Failure to pay tuition fees;

This is the main reason why we offer free Quran lessons. Lack of money to pay school fees is a barrier to learning the Quran online. This is an opportunity to be trained in the study of the Qur’an by qualified teachers and course payers. So if you want to pay, this offer is not for you. You have to be honest enough and give a chance to someone who deserves it.


Remember that spending your money on learning the Qur’an will increase the benefits of your money instead of decreasing its value.

Authenticity (for serious study of the Qur’an and Islam)

After joining free courses, you should be interested in the course and its features. By showing interest, you invite your teacher to teach and ensure the duration of the lesson.

Respect for the rules and policies of the Academy;

All academies around the world have guidelines that govern how you interact with students and their members. As a student, you must follow these guidelines.

Who announced their choice?

Those who do not have a family and cannot afford the tuition to study the Qur’an (widows, orphans, the homeless and the disabled). Non-Muslims who wish to learn more about Islam and the Qur’an are also given priority registration. And for those who ask (until the authorized number runs out).