5 Reasons to Convert YouTube to MP4

With over 500 million users, YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms, allowing users to watch, share and download videos online. It is often regarded as the hub of videos as people across the globe use this platform to upload, download or watch videos. You can find any and every video on YouTube, be it business, news, entertainment show glances, movies, or even vlogs of different people. To enjoy this, all you need to do is convert YouTube video into an MP4 file format and enjoy this mp juice whenever you want

However, one drawback is that it can halt our entertainment as the WI-Fi goes down as we travel to remote locations. But technology has the solution to nearly every problem, and it allows users to download videos for non-stop entertainment anytime anywhere. In this article, we will discuss the potential five reasons to convert YouTube to MP4.

Why do you need to convert YouTube to MP4?

Imagine planning a party night with your friends. Everything from lighting, food, speakers, and laptops are ready, but the internet is slow. How will you feel? Irritating! Right? As the song sticks and starts again, it kills all the buzz and vibe. Everyone seems to feel distracted and pissed off.

Not any more. With the availability of the option to download videos, you can easily download your favorite songs even movies and make your time worthwhile. Mp4 format can also help you save images and other objects on your device.

Let’s look at the reasons to convert YouTube to MP4 in detail:

1. Availability:

Traveling to remote locations can sometimes result in terrible network problems, hindering your entertainment. By converting YouTube videos to MP4 format, it will be readily available for you to access anytime, anywhere.

2. Customizable:

YouTube doesn’t offer you the feature of personalizing videos according to your choice. But this problem can be solved when downloading in MP4 format as it allows users to easily edit, trim, merge, crop, add subtitles to the videos.

3. Compatibility:

YouTube lets you download videos in FLV format, which may or may not be compatible with various devices or PCs. One may face downloading issues if the device is not compatible with such a format. The best option here is to download the videos in MP4 format as it lets you download the videos on such devices by YouTube converter mp4.

4. Versatility:

Are you not able to edit the downloaded YouTube videos in your preferred choice? Bingo! As MP4 YouTube converter lets you not only download but also easily edit it in your choice such as GIF, screen record, add subtitles, and even make memes.

5. Quality:

Converting the videos from YouTube may sometimes result in quality loss. But with the mp4 feature, one can rely on the quality of the videos. It also protects our computer or device system from hacking or any such malware. So, you can easily download movies from moviezwap without any such risks.


Henceforth, we can say that by converting YouTube videos to MP4 format, one can enjoy all-time watching videos even if your internet stops working. It also saves our time and ensures good quality videos.  Once you convert videos, you don’t need to worry about revisiting YouTube again and again.

This online software also protects your device system from online hackers. You can save time and space, too, as it allows users to directly access the converter and convert YouTube videos into mp4 in minutes. Time to alleviate your technical problems and experience better entertainment.