8 Reasons You Must Use Granite Tile For Your Favorite Construction

Despite its widespread popularity, there are undoubtedly many facts about such a wonderful natural element like granite that you must be unaware of. Given its beauty, sturdiness, and a slew of additional advantages, it’s easy to see how so many consumers pick granite tile for their renovation projects. However, despite its popularity over the past 4 decades, there are still many misunderstandings among purchasers and residents, especially concerning granite management and treatment.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when investing in granite tile

  • Durability- Granite tile is strong and durable, yet it is also easily destroyed. If something heavy falls on the quartzite countertops by mistake, it may damage the surface. Stepping on the fitted with a polished is likewise not recommended since it is fragile and susceptible to cracking.
  • Scratch-resistant- While it is possible to slice or cut vegetables and other food products straight on the bathroom and kitchen countertops, it is not recommended! While granite is typically scratch-resistant, hard motions with a razor on its surfaces will quickly degrade its appearance.
  • Sealing of granite surface is paramount- Request granite sealing from your manufacturer or manufacturer as quickly because you have a beautiful kitchen peninsula fitted in your bathroom and kitchen. Nevertheless, knowing when the granite top has to be repacked is critical for keeping it scratching and water-resistant for almost as long as possible. Resealing is routinely accomplished every 2-3 years. However, it might be as little as annually, depending on how the area is used and the granite tile. Granite would be a renewable stone with pours. As a result, it must be sealed to prevent pollutants and other materials from penetrating the granite tile. Each year, it is advised that you protect your worktops. Consider that protecting your worktops costs you money by preserving their lustre and longevity.
  • Imperfections make it look perfect- Fissures are another feature that may be seen in granite. A granite fracture is a noticeable split in the granite tile. However, they appear to crack, but they do not damage the granite. In addition, one of the main reasons people like granite worktops in beautiful homes is because of these cracks.
  • Susceptible to cracks sometimes– Even if granite tile is extremely hard, it may be fractured. Granite, in essence, may be fractured when declined due to its rigidity. If heavy items fall on stone, this could chip and break. As a result, we recommend that you avoid dropping large things on your absolute black granite countertops.
  • Don’t use it as a chopping board– When chopping food without a baking sheet on your bathroom vanity, keep in mind that the marble is harder than the knife. So, if you want to maintain your blades in top condition, we recommend using a chopping board. You also think it’s a lot less messy!


Granite tile is widely considered among the most enduring natural materials, and it is employed in interior and architectural design projects in the world. Granite works nicely in practically every setting, including the kitchen, lounge room, hallway, and toilet. Granite solutions may be found in practically every part of the house, from carpeting tiles to highlight walls, splashback, and worktops.

With all these features, credibility adds a sense of luxury to your place, but cutting and installing granite tiles requires perfect skills which only trained and qualified personnel can deliver. Make sure that you thoroughly check the credentials of granite tile contractor and their work profile. This will help you make the right call. Speak to them, and also check their portfolio of work before making the final decision.