Digital Marketing

Best Ways to Connect Traditional With Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing strategies are not even close to extinction, and they can be a great addition to your digital marketing campaign. Although it’s possible to stick to creating digital content for your target audience, conventional advertising offers limitless ways to tell your brand’s story and promote your business.

Both traditional and digital marketing strategies have their own advantages that can help you elevate your brand and attract new customers and clients. So, if you want to learn how to integrate these two marketing strategies, stay with us because we intend to show you how traditional and digital marketing can work together.

Television and OTT ads

Marketers don’t have to choose between investing in TV and online ads, especially because many consumers love to spend time in front of the TV screen. In addition, TV advertising has become a lot cheaper, allowing many small business owners to spread the word about their business for a low price.

Younger audiences indeed spend more time on streaming sites, and that’s why it’s advisable to invest in both TV and OTT or video ads. Advertising your brand on leading streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu or Spotify can help you attract hundreds or even thousands of new customers. The best part is that OTT advertising is cheaper and more effective than TV advertising. Therefore, if you want to become visible to your target audience, make sure to consider both options.

Online customer support

Offering online customer services comes with many advantages. People won’t have to call you or visit your store to report the issues and ask for more information about your products and services. Additionally, installing AI chatbot software on your website is a lot cheaper compared to hiring a few customer support team members.

AI chatbots are programmed to answer questions and offer solutions to your customers while you’re investing your time and energy in other aspects of your business. In today’s world, you can use the newest technology to your advantage, so make sure to invest in reliable AI chatbot software and keep your customers happy at all times.

Newspapers and online ads

Back in the day, when the internet was a luxury, the best way to spread the word about your business was by placing a classified ad in the newspaper. Business owners would have to come up with a short and attractive text to lure the customers in and sell them their products or services. Although online newspapers archives allow people from all over the world to get the daily dose of news for free, there’s still a large group of people who enjoy reading traditional newspapers.

Since traditional newspapers are not trending, newspaper ads have become a lot cheaper. So, get the best of both worlds and build your reputation by promoting your brand in newspapers and using the internet as a medium to deliver marketing messages.

Banners and online events

Banners are one of the most effective forms of conventional marketing because they’re affordable, flexible and transportable. You can choose between various banner printing formats to accommodate your needs and use banners to promote online events, new products and sales.

Banners can be printed in beautiful, eye-catching colours. If you create a visually appealing banner, people will have no other choice but to take a quick look at your ad. Investing in a custom banner is a great opportunity to reach people offline and inspire them to visit your website or attend online events.

Follow up online forms with phone calls

As you already know, many business owners tend to encourage their customers to fill out online surveys because that’s an easy way to learn more about your customers’ needs. This strategy is useful because it allows you to develop new products or services that your target audience requests. However, your customer service team can also call your customers after they’ve filled an online survey and ask for additional information about your brand.

For example, calling your customers to ask them which products do they like the most or what they expect from you in the future is a great way to improve your customer service and establish a better connection with your clients. In addition, asking your clients for feedback will show them you care about their experience and satisfaction.


If you want to harness digital and traditional marketing power, these ideals can help you achieve your marketing goals. Small business owners should consider these options because it’s often impossible to use digital marketing only to become more visible and make profits.

We understand that developing an effective marketing strategy can be costly and time-consuming, but hiring a marketing manager familiar with these tactics will help you improve your marketing skills. You don’t have to learn how to integrate traditional and digital marketing, but you’ll instantly notice improvements if you do.