Complete Information About The Process Of Clearing Blocked Drains

One of the significant common problems that people face worldwide is blocked drains. This causes you to encounter unexpected tension. You can get rid of such a situation quickly if you have enough knowledge of the process of clearing blocked drains.

If your drains become clogged, water can leak, potentially destructive to your house or business. Even more expensive repairs can result from severe blockages, which can cause pipes to burst.

We will look at some main choices you can choose from to clear a clogged drain.

Let’s Look At Some Ultimate Process Of Clearing Blocked Drains:

  • Using Diy Drains Cleaner

Baking soda (bicarb soda) and white vinegar are good ingredients for making a homemade drain cleaner. You can pour bicarbonate of soda into the drain and then vinegar over it. The mixture should not bubble out of the drain as long as it’s covered. Oxygen is created when bicarb and vinegar react chemically, cleaning out the pipes as they are blasted.

Depending on the severity of the blockage, you may need to continue the process several times. Rinse your pipes with hot water and it will remove the oils and grease from your drains.

  • The Use Of Acidic Cleaner 

Your local hardware store or supermarket will sell caustic chemical drain cleaners. Chemically speaking, these substances dissolve food, grease, hair, and other types of blockages. These chemicals, however, have adverse environmental effects and should be used sparingly. Unlike liquid cleaners, acidic cleaners cannot be used on solid objects, such as small household items or tree roots.

Make sure, you must use some protective gears like mask and gloves while you use such cleaners. Try to use some eco-friendly cleaners to clean your drains because chemicals can spread germs in your drainages system.

  • Process Of Clearing Blocked Drains With Heated/Boiling Water

Try pouring a pot of boiling water down a blocked drain to resolve the problem quickly and easily. These steps are often sufficient to dissolve or loosen the blockage without requiring more severe gauges. The heat may cause PVC pipes to lose their joints, so only use this method on metal or ceramic pipes. To prevent PVC pipes from bursting, use warm water rather than boiling water. Likely, this method will also work for blockages caused by solids, but it can be effective for grease and food buildup.

  • The Hydro-Jet Can Prove As A Helpful Process

The hydro-jets force water through your pipes in a mighty stream. After this pressure is generated, the stoppage will be forced through the pipes and out, allowing the water to flow again. Even though it’s less effective against solid obstructions, this method is much safer for your pipes than snaking. Homeowners can perform hydro-jetting, but it is better to use such tools by an experienced plumber. This is the idea of hydro-jet, which can easily be a good and worthy process of clearing blocked drains.

  • Crater Process Of Clearing The Blocked Drains

At times, you may have to excavate your pipes completely. A plumber can pinpoint exactly where the obstruction is to identify which pipe requires being uncovered. Plumbing companies can repair or replace pipes after digging out the ground and they can install new pipes to clean your clogged drains. They can also reline your existing drainage lines with PVC materials and it will cost you a less amount. Taking care of this job category is complicated, so you are best off leaving it to an experienced plumber.


The above all are the most efficient and easy ways to handle the condition of the blocked drain. You can try out the most efficient process of clearing blocked drains trick as per your situation.