Getting A Roadworthy Certificate For The Car

Whether you are buying a used car or selling the old car, getting the proof of its roadworthiness can help a lot. You not only transfer the ownership easily but also reduce the chances of accidents with the roadworthy certificates. Many countries make it compulsory to have the certificate while dealing with old and used vehicles. After a careful inspection, the certificate of the roadworthiness is provided.

Benefits of roadworthy certificate

  • The documents of the vehicle are transferred to the new owner when the used car is sold. Every buyer needs to know that the car is in a good condition when purchasing it. The roadworthy certificates help in this process of transferring the ownership. The buyer will ask for the roadworthy certificate before paying for the old vehicle.
  • Registering the vehicle is mandatory in all places to ride it. Many countries ask for the roadworthiness certificate to be produced at the time of registering the car. This allows the government to ensure the roads are safe.
  • When the vehicle is in a good condition, it can run well and the chances of mishaps reduce tremendously. This can be proved with a certificate of roadworthiness provided after careful checking of the car by professionals.

Ways to get the roadworthy certificate

  • Licensed operator or licensed vehicle tester issue the roadworthy certificates. Therefore, the first step is to look for such operator from some nominated garage or service station who can check the vehicle to issue this certificate. A series of tests are conducted on the car to ensure it is in a good condition to function on the road or not.
  • The next step is to create a logbook of complete service of the vehicle. This is to make sure the vehicle is upright.
  • Then you need to take your automobile to test under the qualified technicians. To ensure the condition, the professionals inspect all the parts of the car carefully.

Usually, the certificate of the roadworthiness is used for immediate registering or transferring the ownership of the vehicle. Therefore, the value of the certificate remains for thirty days of issuing after which it has no importance. There is no fixed cost for issuing the certificate as it depends on condition, type, and age of the car for it. It is ideal to ask the operator to quote a price beforehand.

If the vehicle fails to pass the inspection tests, then the tester will give a rejection report. It is important to make necessary repairs and replacement within seven days to get the roadworthy certificate. The whole inspection will carry out again if the seven days have passed.

Roadworthiness inspection covers

The inspection for issuing the certificate of roadworthiness covers major parts important for safety on the road. The parts are:

  • Wheels and tyres
  • Seat and seat belts
  • Structure of the vehicle
  • Braking systems, steering and suspension
  • Reflectors and lamps
  • Windows and windscreen, wipers and washers
  • Items on body, chassis and engine

The test for the roadworthiness focuses on the general condition of the vehicle. It is possible to get independent report on the total condition as well the reliability of the care.

It is compulsory in places to have the certificate of roadworthiness while they ride on the road for almost all kinds of vehicles. It is risky to drive without such certificate and in some places fine is levied on the drivers too. If you think it is a troublesome job to get such certificate then you are wrong. There are many companies nowadays to take care of everything starting from inspecting the vehicle to making required repairs and even sending the certificate right to your home.