How To Draw A Vampire

How To Draw A Vampire? Some Simple Techniques

How To Draw A Vampire

Many people have recently started to get involved with vampires. This facilitated by the many themed films that appeared on television screens at a desirable rate. In this regard, there is nothing strange that many want to answer the question of how to draw a vampire pencil. Complex nothing. Therefore, you should consider several options for the characters, which can be pretty easy to draw.

How To Draw A Vampire


So we drew our first vampire. This will require some simplicity in its core work.

  1. Draw a circle for the head. We must give a straight Vampire face a straight shape with a sharp angle to the bottom of the circle. Then you will need to draw a horizontal line in the center of the circle. You should also sketch a vertical line. Need him to place very close to the left side of the circle.
  2. It is necessary to draw an oblong shape below the face. Precisely the same as you drew in the previous step.
  3. The answer to the question of how to draw a vampire. It is necessary to outline the shape of the cloak, which extends downward.
  4. You need to add a collar to the cloak, making a sharp edge.
  5. It is necessary to draw a future vampire trunk contour in the shape of a square. The feet of our characters should note with long lines. The feet should be in the form of circles.
  6. Draws the eyes, eyebrows, mouth, teeth. To see all the places where the paint is, it is necessary to take two intersecting lines. The eyes should have an egg shape. Using the oblique line is necessary to draw the eyelids. Draw a small circle for the eyeballs and cause curved lines, which then draw the eyebrows. It is necessary to draw the nose and mouth. In the form of small triangles should apply to the image teeth.
  7. How to draw a vampire becomes clear. The next step is to hair. Also, add the ears. The tips should be a little pointy.
  8. We put on a cloak.
  9. We describe the hands and add details to make a vampire costume more complete.
  10. Dorisovyvat is part of the character’s pants and shoes.
  11. All unnecessary lines need to be removed. Pictures can paint.


Now we move on to the second method and proceed to answer how to draw a vampire with a cool drawing idea. To do this requires the following simple steps.

  1. We draw a circle for the face. We attach by an angular line shape. Also, using the lines have to draw the vampire’s jaw. To understand where to draw the mouth, it is necessary to place the image of the two crossed the line to each other as close as possible to the left side of the sketch.
  2. It should be noted in the areas where the neck is located. Also, it is necessary to draw the shoulders.
  3. Answering a question about how to draw a vampire on stage, draw a cape collar. Edge it should be pointed.
  4. Using intersecting lines, it is necessary to draw the eyes and brows of our character. To achieve the most realistic, it is necessary to add a short line of Intermedia eyebrows.
  5. Requires to draw the nose by applying a not too large slash.
  6. Draw a mouth of our vampire. The emphasis in this situation needs to be made on canines.
  7. It is necessary to draw the contours of the face. Also, add at this stage of the ears a small pointy top.
  8. By using slashes, you need to draw hair.
  9. Adding details to the clothes, draw a bow tie, buttons, etc. In this case, everything depends on your imagination.
  10. Remove unnecessary lines and color the picture.


And one last, how it is possible to answer how to draw a vampire pencil.

  1. Draw the contours of the head and back.
  2. Dobavlyaemy sketches facial elements.
  3. Draw the contours of the cloak.
  4. We put the head.
  5. Draw a line of legs and arms.
  6. Add a sketch of the future of a bat, and then it gets.
  7. Draws arms and legs.
  8. It is necessary to draw a mouse ear width.
  9. Describe canine’s future mouse.
  10. Due to the curved lines need to be applied to the image of the wings of a bat.
  11. We put on wings, which makes it clear.
  12. Add a curved line where all the details specific to the wings will display.
  13. Add bone shape.
  14. We put the body of our characters.
  15. Delete all unnecessary lines.
  16. add highlights and shadows and paint the whole picture.


For more beautiful pictures, it is necessary to put an eerie background. It should be slightly blurred. Since the vampire with the mouse floats, it is necessary to draw a shadow on the paper.


This question of how to draw a vampire pencil stage should be considered complete. You can show all their imagination and draw some additional elements specific to your character. Good luck drawing the vampire!