Give Your Plumber A Ring If You Notice Any Of These Issues.

When a house is built, installing efficient sanitary or drainage system is of utmost importance. However, with passage of time certain issues can crop up in drainage system or water pipelines. For instance, problems related to reduced or no water flow in the toilet is very common, one that has been experienced by most of us. It is impossible to survive without water in the toilets it’s the part of the house that consumes that most water after the kitchen. If somehow the water line gets damaged, it will be impossible to spend a single day at home.

So, it is necessary to keep an eye for some signs to avoid any major problem in the long run. Early signs of damage will allow you to call in professional plumbers and get the issue sorted in its initial stage, otherwise it would lead to a major damage, and you would have to spend hefty amount on the repair.

We Have Listed The Various Signs Of Leakages That Will Help You Identify The Damage In The Pipes And Call A Plumber.

  • Odd smells

Did you ever notice a nasty odor in your toilet or bathroom? This could be due to the blockage in the pipelines. These blockages occur due to accumulation of dirt, dust, grime, along with soap scum. Different particles from the tap water produce an oily grease layer. Accumulation of these layers over the time causes blockages leading to reduced or no flow of water through the taps. Blockage of water creates a fishy smell inside the pipelines that spreads throughout your bathroom area. Contacting professional plumbers in such times will help to clear the blockage in the pipes and ensure normal flow of water, thus eliminating the bad odor.

  • Green patches or mold problems

This is a common problem that can be seen on the toilet walls. The leakage from the pipelines causes green patches to build up on the walls. It does not happen overnight, but over a period. Due to continuous leakage, mold starts to grow on the walls because of the presence of moisture.  If you notice any such signs or green patches on the walls, an immediate servicing of the pipelines is necessary. Else, it would lead to considerable damage on the walls which can spread to other parts of the house. You might then have to replace the walls along with the pipes.

  • Slow drainages

Is the water taking too long to drain? If the drainage takes more time than usual, it is one of the signs of blocked drainage lines. Various items such as strands of hair, pieces of plastic and other small particles get stuck in the drains. It creates an obstruction to the flow of water, thus leading to drainage issues. Whenever the slow drainage problem arises, it is necessary to call plumbers and get it cleaned.

  • Floor leakages

If the tiles on the toilet floor in are broken, it could lead to seepage of water. This calls for an immediate renovation and repair. Broken tiles cause dampness to the flooring, whereas broken pipelines can cause damage to the floors. This not only affects the flooring but also the walls of the toilets. The ceiling just below the flooring also suffers from leakages. Therefore, it may be necessary to change the entire plumbing, pipes, and water systems. This is where a team of professional plumbers will come to your aid.


Apart from the above mentioned common plumbing problems, broken pipelines of the sink or holes in the sink or tubs can also be an issue. Replacing the accessories or repairing them can also be done by these expert plumbers.