Lexus Service: Maintenance Made Easy

As we know, it is very important to have your car serviced regularly for its proper functioning. It does not matter if it is a high-end luxury car, a sports car or a standard car. Regular maintenance is important irrespectively. Therefore, Lexus services are very important for your Lexus. These services are highly recommended as they would inspect your car thoroughly and help you to enjoy all the maximum benefits. The point here lies whether you should opt for Lexus Services or go for private servicing for your Lexus. As we know Lexus cars are premium cars, hence it is advised that we stick to getting the servicing done from the company itself as there are various benefits involved. The Lexus Service also has the provision of having a maintenance schedule with the company and you would also receive various benefits from the schedule that the company has.

Here is the detailed schedule plan of Lexus service.

6 Month Schedule Or 5,000 Miles Schedule

This is a complimentary service schedule that is offered by the company to the car owners. This comes under the warranty period if done dutifully within 6 months. Under this schedule, the tires are rotated and checked for pressure and adjusted, if required. The maintenance reminder light is reset on your car. The mechanics also road test the vehicle after the necessary changes has been made. They inspect and adjust all fluid levels and check for the installation of the drivers’ mat. If requested, they also personalize the Lexus Program Settings. Therefore, this Lexus service schedule ensures that you are well and good, right from the beginning.

12 Month Or 10,000 Miles Schedule

This service is also complimentary and is under the warranty period if it is dutifully being received within 12 months. The Lexus service in this schedule is also like the 6-month schedule with a few additions. The mechanics replace the engine oil and engine filter under this schedule. They also visually inspect the brake pads, calipers and rotors.

18 Month Or 15,000 Miles Schedule

Under this Lexus service schedule also there are a few additions keeping the other services available constant as before. The mechanics also clean out the air conditioner filter and replace the smart key battery. In accordance with road testing the vehicle, they also inspect and adjust the fluid levels and the axle shaft boots.

24 Month Or 20,000 Miles Schedule

Under this Lexus service schedule, the mechanic rotates and check the pressure of the tires. They also replace the engine oil and the engine filter. They inspect and adjust the fluid levels and check the driver’s floor mat. The maintenance reminder light is reset, and the vehicle is road tested. The mechanics also visually inspect the brake pads, rotors and calipers.

30 Month Or 25,000 Miles Schedule

This schedule is like the 24-month Lexus service schedule. Under this schedule also, the tires are rotated and the pressure in them is adjusted according to the requirements. The brake pads, rotors and calipers are inspected visually. The fluid levels are inspected and adjusted, and the maintenance light is reset.

36 Month Or 30,000 Miles Schedule

Under this Lexus Service schedule, the engine oil and engine filter are replaced. The air conditioner filter is also replaced. The engine air filter along with the brake fluid is also replaced. The vehicle is road tested and the maintenance reminder light is reset.

These are some of the service schedules. The Lexus Services are available up to 72 months or 60,000 miles. Such regular maintenance will ensure to avail the best experience out of your investment in Lexus. This also helps in increasing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.