Things to consider while you choose firewood

If you plan to spend your weekends with friends at a camp, you must use some firewood logs to build a fire on your campsite. Firewood can generate heat for a long period of time, depending on the nature and variety of the wood. You can also use such woods in your indoor space and install a fireplace in your living area to keep your rooms warm. Ensure you maintain a proper ventilation system while using a fireplace in your indoor area.

You need to use such natural elements for cooking your food at your camp, and you can use firewood. You need to choose the best quality wood, and hardwood is the best for your camp and indoor purposes. Hardwood can burn longer, and you can use firewood like apple, cherry, oak and birch. In this guide, we will discuss some of the important points to consider when buying firewood.

How would you choose firewood?

Based on your country, you can get such wood in different varieties and use it for different purposes. For example, you can use such woods for heating in stones, wood boilers and fireplaces, and you can also carry some small logs to your campsite for a barbecue party. But you cannot choose firewood on a random basis, and you need to consider the following factors to choose the best quality wood:

  • You can use different types of wood in your fireplace to make a good fire, and you must ensure that the wood you will use in your fireplace or campsite should be six to eight months old. You must use dry wood in your fireplace to reduce the amount of smoke and keep your area clean.
  • You must store your wood safely and not keep your logs in an open area. So, if you are using your garage to store your logs, you must ensure that your garage is well-ventilated. Choose a place that is moisture free for storing your firewood, and you must keep them protected from rain.
  • Do not try to burn painted or treated wood in your fireplace, as it can pollute the air and harm your health.

Types of firewood available in the market:

You can find two types of firewood available in the market:

  • Dry wood
  • Softwood

These wood logs are separated based on their moisture content, physical structure and density, and you must use dry wood for your fireplace. Do not use firewood that has more than 15% moisture.

It is better to avoid softwood for your fireplace because softwoods can contain a huge amount of moisture, and they can burn for a few hours. These woods are sticky, and if you burn your wood in your fireplace, your chimney will get affected, and you will have to change or clean your chimney. Drywood can burn slowly, and it can provide a mild flame. So, it is better to use such dry wood for your fireplace, and you can use softwood for your outdoor camping. Here, you can find different types of firewood available in the market:

  • Oak: You can use oak to get maximum heat, but it is normally used for furniture-making. It has a prolonged burning period, and you can use oak in your fireplace to prevent unwanted sparks.
  • Olive: It is mostly used for fireplaces because it has a slow-burning capacity, and you can use olive wood to keep your rooms warm. Even you can use twigs, roots and branches of olive trees for your fireplaces.
  • Cedar: Cedar is the best if you are looking for firewood for your outdoor camping. It is a softwood with a pleasant smell, and you can use this wood indoors, too, to get a sweet environment.
  • Pine: It is one of the popular firewood that can burn fast compared to other firewood, but you cannot use pine wood in your fireplace, stove and boiler, as it has a high resin content and can create some health issues. You can suffer from eye problems and dry skin issues if you use pine in your indoor fireplaces.

Wrapping it up !!!

You can also use beech wood for your outdoor camping and fireplaces. It is a hardwood that can be used in open fireplaces.  When buying firewood for indoor usage, you should buy dense firewood like maple and oak. Some of the other options that you can explore other options like poplar.  So make sure that you assess your requirement before making a purchase.