Directional Drilling
Directional Drilling

What Are Directional Drilling and Its Uses?

The term directional drilling refers to a wide term that describes boring. That it never goes vertically in a straight line. And it becomes necessary in the vertical well to avoid the geological formation and returns to the starting path. For such the driller uses the techniques of sidetracking.

The techniques of directional drilling are age old. These are considered as one of the amazing techniques for engineers. Some of the methods of directional drilling are horizontal, extended reach drilling, and multilateral drilling. These are some of the enhanced oil recoveries i.e EOR methods which increase the downhole yields dramatically.

What Are the Things Related To Directional Drilling?

There are many things that you get to know about directional drilling which are mentioned below:

  • It is an important technique that is very helpful.
  • From this, the multiple holes can get drilled easily. This minimizes the surface and impacts the environment. And such boreholes dig up to a maximum of 5 miles at the angles.
  • Geologists, exploration engineers, geologists, and other experts are the people who perform the task of directional drilling.
  • Above people give their estimates according to the different surveys, and their experiences.

How Do the Engineers Get to Know the End Of The Directional Drilling?

The process of directional drilling is a process that includes a lot of specialist persons. This is a guide which is created by the engineers. The data of the directional drilling ensures the blue well line path.

It is software which receives the input from the various measurements.

In this, there is a drill bit that contains the various sensors at the type of the formation. The electromagnetic sensors can track the initiating of the drill bit from its surface. A complete representation occurs when all the collars, motors, drill bit, and equipment get into the control panel.

Directional Drilling
Directional Drilling

What Are the Types of Equipment That Are Used in Directional Drilling?

There are many types of equipment which are used in the process of directional drilling. Some of them are:

  • Mud motor:

There is one tool that gets its position at the near place of the drill bit. Then what is next? This starts performing its work in depth by making the drill string stop from the rotation.

  • Drill Bits:

There are some of the special drill bits which improve the performance. And make sure that your process will go longer. There are some specific techniques which are designed for unwanted conditions. These are horizontal technology, high-energy series bits, etc.

  • Bottom Hole Assembly:

The bottom whole assembly bent the shape with the help of the physical manipulations.

  • Multi-Shot cameras:

One of the important tools is the multi-shot camera. This tool is placed into the drill string which helps to take pictures of the time gap.

  • Custom whipstocks:

This is a tool that downhole the motor. You must have to spend more time on the drilling and less time on removing the drill bit.

  • Wire pipe:

It is considered one of the vital tools of directional drilling. Intelliserve is a system that broadbands the networked drill system. This helps in the transmission of the data back to the surface from the sensors.


Directional drilling is a technique which uses many of the tools for completing the process of drilling. There are many types of specialist who perform and are involved in the task of directional drilling. Some of them are geologists, exploration engineers, geologists, etc. One has to perform the task of directional drilling in a very proper manner.