How To Choose A Mulcher Chipper?

A tree-filled yard means more work for you in the spring and fall as you pick up the pieces after Mother Nature. What if you realized that you could convert that chaos into cash? By selling mulch? Mulcher chippers are some of the most valuable pieces of outdoor power equipment for modern gardeners, landscapers, and property managers.

Making your wood chip mulch or processing material for your compost pile can save you a ton of money over time compared to simply burning all your trash.

Mulcher Chippers Can Be Sorted Into Three Main Categories:

  • Electric Mulcher Chippers

To the untrained eye, electric mulcher chippers don’t resemble the bulky, heavy machinery typically found in a garden or garage. However, their small stature, lightweight construction, and motor make them a homeowner’s dream.

To power, an electric chipper, plug its extension cord into any standard electrical outlet in your home. You can run an electric mulcher chipper in your garage without worrying about breathing in exhaust fumes; all you need to do is plug it in and get to work. Being electric also means less frequent servicing, like oil changes and spark plug swaps.

  • Gas-Powered Mulcher Chippers

An electric model won’t do the job when you have larger diameter sticks and branches to chip. The electric mulcher chipper is smaller and less powerful than the gas chipper. Depending on the model, these chippers can process branches with a diameter of 1 1/2 inches to 7 inches.

Gas Chippers Come In Different Styles:

  1. Gas chippers only (no shredders)

  2. Gas chipper shredders
  3. Gas chipper shredder vacuums

Homeowners love gas-powered chipper shredders because they can clear large branches and shred leaves without breaking the bank.

  • Commercial-Grade Mulcher Chippers

Mulcher chippers intended for use on farms and in other commercial settings are known as commercial mulcher chippers. Three distinct types are distinguished by the power source that rotates the chipper blade-holding drum or rotor.

Ensure the commercial mulcher chipper you buy will work with the vehicle you intend to use to power it. It is essential to double-check the vehicle’s and chipper’s user manuals for information on the appropriate power source, towing capacity, and other necessities.

The auto feed system found on many commercial chippers will pull the debris into the hopper without any additional effort on your part.

What To Look Out For When Buying A Mulcher Chipper

  • Capacity

If I feed a piece of wood into the chipper, what is the largest piece of wood it will chop? Commercial-grade machines can process items up to 160 inches in length. Wooden pieces with a diameter of 2 to 3 inches will fit through the smaller machines.

  • Blade Quality

The common misconception is that more blades (called flails) in the chip chamber equals more chipping power. But if the quality of the single blade is much higher, it can perform as well as, or even better than, the multi-bladed alternative.

  • Engine

Most smaller machines used at home rather than in a commercial setting are powered by electricity. However, professional-grade equipment uses gas power. Buyers who need an industrial/commercial unit to handle large-scale jobs are therefore not served by the benefits of choosing an electric chipper, which include reduced maintenance, fume-free operation, and lower price.

Reasons To Use A Mulcher Chippers

  • Cost– A wood shredder or combination mulcher chipper may be a more cost-effective option instead of paying employees or a third-party service to collect and haul away brush, limbs, and leaves.
  • Conservation of natural resources– Some companies recycle yard debris into mulch, while others haul it away to the landfill. Instead of sending limbs and branches to the landfill, shredder chippers can quickly work them.
  • Free mulch– Branches and limbs can be shredded and chipped by a shredder chipper to make mulch for landscaping purposes at business locations or customer projects. With a brush shredder attachment, you can quickly produce enough mulch for your landscaping projects without spending any money.
  • Speed– A shredder chipper from Torrent Mulchers can drastically reduce the time required to complete a task. You can reduce expenses by working with a smaller team on more projects.
  • Increased income for the company– You can easily make more mulch with a wood shredder than you’ll ever use. If you have more mulch than you need, you can sell it to local landscaping businesses for cash to expand your fleet or advertise.


Even if you don’t want to use mulcher chippers to pulverize your leaves before putting them to good use in a garden or compost pile, there are several reasons why you might want to rake them instead of leaving them where they are.

You can use leaves, a free organic material, to replenish the soil with the nutrient-rich matter. A mulcher chipper can be used to shred them, which may be the answer to your problem.