natural convectors
natural convectors

Top 5 Important Applications of Natural Convector

Convector heaters or heat exchangers have become an integral part of our life in the 21st century. There are different forms of these convector heaters. The natural convector is in great demand nowadays. In this type of convectors, the aluminium-copper coil is facilitated by heating mediums that are generally LPHW (Low-Pressure Hot Water). The heating medium heats up the cold air through the coils. The air that is warmer has a lighter density and consequently moves up towards the ceiling while the cooler air comes down for another cycle of heat exchange. This warms up the room significantly. These types of convectors are generally in demand in the colder countries where they are often installed at the ends of the floor to warm up the room.

A natural convectors has multiple functions to perform and here we are going to talk about some of them:

1. To keep the workplace warm:

When the atmospheric temperature is very low, it becomes the responsibility of the official authority to make its employees comfortable so that they are comfortable while working and can deliver their best at work. To make this happen, natural convectors are used which will warm up the place comfortably making the office a lovable place to work for the employees during the cold winter days.

2. To make your home a cosy abode:

Our homes act as our retreats in any situation and if we do not find comfort here, then we cannot really call it home. During the harsh winter days, a natural convector easily warms up the home and makes it a cosy place to sit back and relax.

3. For industrial purposes:

Places like factories require heaters that can work properly with very little maintenance in spite of undergoing rough usage for quite a bit of time. This is where the natural convector comes into action and helps the factory owners and workers out with their work.

4. Natural convectors along the corridors of hotels:

Hotel owners have been exploiting this technology for quite a bit of time now. They ensure the comfort of their guests by installing these natural convectors along the corridors and sometimes inside the hotel rooms as well.

5. For maintaining a sterile environment in hospitals:

Hospitals house patients with several diseases all the time which compels them to maintain a disease-free environment inside the hospitals. In order to maintain a sterile environment, the natural convector is used by hospitals. It is temporarily used to raise the temperature in order to sanitize hospitals. They are also used for maintaining a suitable temperature for patients in the hospitals.

There are a number of varieties of natural convectors which are used at different places. For example, at offices, hospitals or other commercial buildings, inlet convectors, sill-line convectors, cabinet convectors or architectural convectors are used. Architectural convectors are used in order to warm up the place without disturbing its cohesive look.

If someone is planning to install a natural convector in the basement of one’s house, it should be placed at the walls which are above-ground. This will help to get rid of any cold downdraft. Convectors that have electronic hydronic components are generally installed in nurseries or bedrooms of children because they have a lower surface temperature than conventional convectors.

One should learn how to control the natural convectors using a thermostat as well as the troubleshooting procedure if any difficult situation arises. The property owner should also know where the disconnect switch is located. Operating the disconnect switch will act as a safety button in times of need.