In the Search of Rare Fruits

Rare Fruits
Rare Fruits

There are many people who are fond of different dishes and they are always looking for something different to consume. Luckily the world is filled with surprises and wonders and there is no end of plants and fruits that are edible and unique. Those who are looking for a unique experience and want to consume something that they have never had before are going to like this article. In this article, the writer is going to introduce some of the rarest and exotic fruits in the world that most people have not even heard about yet. Therefore, it is time to do something better and get started on a journey that is great for these people. Here are some of the most amazing and wonderful rare fruits in the world.

The Most Shocking Fruit Types in the World

The first contender on the list is mangosteen. Due to the internet there are many people who have heard about this fruit and seen its pictures on the internet. However, there are still very few people in te world who have actually tried it out. On the outside, this fruit does not look very appetizing. It looks like an odd ball shaped and coarse looking fruit with a very thick skin on the top. However, the thick and heavy skin is protecting a very soft and yummy flesh on the inside.

The people who see the fruit for the first time may describe it as white orange. In terms of its shape it looks like a garlic joint inserted in the middle of the think skin. However, there is no need to worry because this fruit does not stink at all or taste anything like a garlic clove. The white flesh part is where all the flavor is packed by the nature.

The people often scrap off the white flash part which is hiding a solid brown seed on the inside. The fleshy part or section is hiding one seed in the middle. The seed is great for roasting and eating its flesh later on. The farmers who grow this fruit and have plenty of its supply often collect the extra seeds and keep it around for a bon fire event where they put it on a stick and roast it on the open fire. The other seeds are sent to the warehouses which are used to plant the tree once again. In terms of flavor, this fruit is often described as sweet and tangy.

Faraway Fruits and Lands

There are many people who think that it is quite close to the mango when it comes to describing its tastes. However, the original flavor is quite different and therefore many people order it from other countries to try it out at least once. There is another wonderful and amazing fruit on the list called the kaki fruit. In many parts of the world it is also known as the persimmon. There are many people who are so fond of eating this that they put it on a stick or a rope and dry it out in the summers. In many Asian dishes this fruit is prepared into yummy dishes.

Therefore, a lot of Asian households can be seen with long threads of persimmon fruits hanging in their porches. The new people try to preserve it in this manner and sometimes it is also sold in the form of canned fruit options. There are many people who have never had a single persimmon in their lives and they have no idea on what they are missing out on. The teasing and turning flavor falls somewhere between sweet, tangy, and umami. When a person has a persimmon fruit, its mild yet sharp flavor lingers on the taste buds for a long time.

Therefore, there are many people who love to try this fruit and use it to make sweet dishes. There are also people who like to consume it with its flesh while there are some who leave out the flesh as it is. When a person is sure that it is possible for them to make use of a new fruit in a dish they are sure to take a keen interest in it. Therefore, many luxury bakers order this fruit from distant parts of the world and use it to make dishes like pudding and even cakes. The simple yet expressive flavor of the kaki left a person with a new experience that they have never had before.

Fruit that you may not know about

Another amazingly wonderful fruit is the prickly pear. It is a specific type of cactus fruit that is found in very small places in many parts of the world. This cactus like fruit resembles a tiny red pineapple in many ways. The flesh on the inside is sometimes red and sometimes it is greenish yellow. Since it is found in the desert, it has a great storage of nutrition and great for dehydration.