What is the job description of Cabinet Makers?

Cabinet Makers
Cabinet Makers

Cabinet making isn’t simple and not everyone can do it. To design the cabinets, be it the exquisite customized kitchen cabinets to the contemporary modern office cabinets, only the professional cabinet makers can finish the job. This is so because they have an eye for the design, are trained to work with a variety of materials, and can carve out the best piece for the client. The job is very particular with bleak details and demands a heavy physical labor strength.

So, either if you’re one of those people who want to pursue a job as cabinet makers or want to hire their services, you need to understand what their job entails. This will help you to get a clear idea of what professional cabinet-making demands. So, keep reading to grab an in-depth job description of these makers.

What are the job responsibilities?

One may think the responsibility of a cabinet maker is just to carve out a cabinet, what’s the big deal there? However, this is just a bleak part of the job responsibilities a cabinet maker has. The following pointers will clear this:

  • Assembling: A cabinet maker is responsible to pick and assemble all the cabinet parts and components by himself. He has to make sure these parts are congruent to the dimensions provided by the client or foreman.
  • Measurements: Cabinet makers have to ensure that the dimensions and measurements of the cabinet panel match the doors, side panels, and hinges, taking into account the blueprint and referral designs.
  • Hardware: Cabinet making entails ensuring that appropriate hardware such as hinges, handles are installed. Furthermore, if any replacement is required, you’ve to order the material by yourself if you’re a cabinet maker.
  • Budgets: Cabinet makers have to do all the jobs within the budget constraints. They need to ensure that their measurements are exact so that no material is wasted and each piece is put to use.
  • Fixing attachments: They have to ensure that all hinges and attachments are fixed in place, if required reinforce them, to upscale and maintain the longevity and sturdiness of the cabinet.
  • Cleaning: After completing the work, the cabinet maker has to clean up all the saws, screwdrivers, or other equipment and also dispose of the old screws, nails, or hinges and clean up the place.
  • Deadlines: The cabinet maker needs to deliver the work at the time specified by the client or foreman. Any late deadline can downgrade the job profile and hamper the image of the company they work for. Even a fast pace can lead to bad quality service. Therefore, the cabinet maker needs to work out on his pace to deliver quality work on time.

What are the job requirements of a cabinet maker?

Cabinet makers have a specific set of requirements that they need to possess to be quoted as a professional worker.

The following is the list of the job requirements of cabinet makers:

  • A clear understanding of mathematics
  • Possess a high school diploma or equivalent degree
  • Professional training in cabinet making
  • Good with handling woodwork machines like drills, bandsaw, grinders, etc.
  • Up-keep with the latest market trends and designs of cabinet
  • Possess an ability to carve out and visualize the wooden customized design
  • Good analytical and communication skills
  • Years of experience in the construction industry with several client approvals.


The job description of cabinet makers is not an easy deal. They have to perform several tasks, assume numerous responsibilities, and possess many skills and requirements to be called a professional cabinet maker. So, if you’re also looking for a job in cabinet making and have all these qualities to do cabinet making, then don’t wait, grab an opportunity today!